15 Fun And Interesting Facts About Neon Tetra

fun and interesting facts about neon tetras

I have seen many readers curious to learn the Fun and Interesting Facts about Neon Tetra.  I am equally excited while I am writing this because the Neon Tetra is my favorite aquarium fish. How about you? I think you will love this super cute and beautiful fish too. Don’t you already? As we all know that it is one of the famous tropical fish in the aquarium fish keeping world, it is available anywhere. Furthermore, this bright-colored fish is super peaceful and will add glory to your aquarium. We will be discussing 15 Fun and Interesting Facts about Neon Tetra today.

Some of the facts include that the Neon Tetras have bright and vibrant body coloration, and they are a popular aquarium schooling fish. Not only that but the Neon Tetras are a suitable starter fish for beginners, these fish are delicate and sensitive, have a super-friendly and peaceful nature, etc.

We shall hop on to the area of focus, i.e., 15 Fun and Interesting Facts about Neon Tetra, directly.

15 Fun And Interesting Facts About Neon Tetra

Let us get started with the 15 fun and interesting facts about Neon Tetra that make this fish a famous aquarium fish around the globe today. I am sure you already know about some of them.

However, I will share some of the new ones that you may not know about Neon Tetra. So, let us jump right into it.

Fact #1: Origin And Family Member

The origin place of the Neon Tetra is the South American regions of the Paraguay river and Brazil. These fish also originally belongs to the Amazon water basins and blackwater and dark waters in different parts of South America.

The scientific name of the Neon Tetras is Paracheirodon Innesi. Neon tetras are freshwater fish that belongs to the Characidae family of order Characiformes. Believe it or not, the Neon Tetras belong to the piranhas family too.

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Fact #2: Bright And Vibrant Body Coloration

If you are a Neon Tetra lover just like me, then you already know how bright and beautiful their body coloration is! I mean, come on, look at those iridescent scales and colorful fins.

Haven’t you noticed that these fish have a turquoise blue line that stretches from its eyes to the adipose fins? Well, adipose fins are the small round fin between the tail and the dorsal fin.

Besides the blue coloration, the Neon Tetras also have a red stripe. The red strips run from the middle of their body to the caudal fin. They look so pretty! Don’t you agree?

Well, if you did not know, the bright coloration of the Tetras are not just for nothing! Since they live in blackwaters in the wild, the very brightness of their body will help them find each other in the dark. Furthermore, the Neon Tetras can also appear transparent to save themselves from the predators in the wild too.

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Fact #3: Size Of The Neon Tetra

The average size of the Neon Tetra is 1 to 1.5 inches. So, you know that these fish are small beings. Some grow up to 1.2 inches (3 centimeters) only. Even though the Neon Tetras are small fish species, these fish add glory to your aquarium due to their vibrant nature. Learn more about the size of neon tetras from here.

Fact #4: A Popular Aquarium Pet fish

Well, this fact is known to all of us. Neon Tetras are popular aquarium fish because they are so beautiful!

Furthermore, these fish are easy to care for and are super peaceful. Those are the reasons which make it the most loved fish in the aquarium fish world, even for beginners.

Additionally, you may already know that the Neon Tetra originated from the Amazon river basins of South America. So, people import more than 1.8 million Neon Tetras from the US every year for petting purposes. That is why the neon tetra is the perfect pet for you.

However, many fish hobbyists in the world have bred these fish by using selective breeding processes too. If you did not know, buying a selectively bred Neon Tetra fish is better than bringing the wild Neon Tetra for your fish. It is because the wild Neon Tetra would not be able to adjust with the selectively bred ones.

Fact #5: A Suitable Starter Fish For Beginners

Even though Neon Tetras are delicate and sensitive, which I will explain later on, these are a suitable starter fish. I mean, you can easily pet the elegant Neon Tetra fish even if you are a beginner.

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I swear you need not spend a lot of your time and effort to keep the fish as your pet. You need to take proper care of their diet, water, and tank conditions. That is it! Besides, neon tetras are hardy fish.

In addition to that, these fish are not expensive to buy either. So, if you are a beginner and are confused about petting Neon Tetra, you must go ahead because the care level of this fish is easy.

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Fact #6: Schooling Nature

The Neon Tetras love to live in a school. Neon tetras tend to live in a group of at least a group of 6 to 10 and become stressed when left alone.Neon Tetras can’t live alone, and they feel insecure when you keep them all alone too.

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Furthermore, more stress and insecurity will lead them to various diseases. You may even notice that the Neon Tetras may lose the color of their body too. I mean, their body will turn pale. Some of the diseases will be curable if you provide proper care to the fish. Some of them are not curable at all and will lead the fish to death.

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So, you would not want your beautiful Neon Tetra to stress out and die too soon, would you? Do you know what? Neon Tetras do best in a group of 10 or more. I have seen hundreds of Neon Tetras in a single aquarium too.

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This way, the Neon Tetras will be comfortable and happy. Do you know that the more you buy the Neon Tetras, the more you save? So, isn’t that another plus point?

Fact #7: Mimic The Natural Environment

You already know that the Neon Tetras belong to the blackwater mainstreams of the Amazon basins of South America. So, if you wish to keep them in captivity, it is best to mimic their natural environment too.

All you need to do is to find the best suitable plants and substrates for your Neon Tetra. Keep both natural and artificial substrates so that your Neon Tetra will feel more homely.

Furthermore, you need to take proper care of the tank conditions and water parameters for Neon Tetra as well. The best tank size for the Neon Tetra is 10 to 30 gallons. Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit, Includes LED Lighting and Decor would be the best choice.

However, the tank size depends upon the number of fish that you keep too. I think you know about this already. The adequate water temperature for the Neon Tetra is between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The PH level is between 6 to 7. The DH level should be less than one. In other words, Neon Tetras prefer soft, lightly acidic, and dark water.

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Fact #8: Delicate And Sensitive

Like we are sensitive to seasonal and water changes, the same is the case with the Neon Tetras. These fish are super sensitive to extreme water and temperature changes.

As I mentioned earlier, these fish love black waters with slightly hot temperatures. But I did not mean to say that you should keep extreme water degrees either. I have already explained about the adequate water temperature above.

Forget about vast differences because even slight changes can affect your Neon Tetra. Even though the Neon Tetras are hardy, they can’t tolerate changes in water chemistry and temperatures. The fish may suffer and stress out, which leads them to vital diseases. Thus, Neon Tetras are delicate and sensitive.

Fact #9: Omnivorous Diet

Neon Tetras are Omnivores as they eat both vegetables and meat in the wild. Their foods include insect larvae, algae, tiny invertebrates in the wild.

However, the Neon Tetras can eat brine shrimps, flakes, frozen food, algae wafers in the aquarium. These fish can even eat veggies from your kitchen. Unlike in the wild, you must take extra care of the Neon Tetras in captivity.

These fish must receive a balanced diet to keep them fresh and healthy. Make sure to feed the Neon Tetras with the adequate amount of diet that they require. Remember, your Neon Tetras will consume as much food as you provide happily.

But that does not mean that you should be careless. Provide just as much as it requires for a fish. Too much food will not only produce too much waste but will also harm the fish internally.

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Fact #10: Super-Friendly And Peaceful Nature

This is one of the 15 fun and interesting facts about Neon Tetra and I guess the most important one. Well, I love Neon Tetras not only because of their beautiful coloration. Another reason is that these fish are super friendly.

You already know that the Neon Tetras love to live in schools. These fish are super friendly and love socializing with each other. Furthermore, the Neon Tetras are peaceful too. You will never see these fish fighting with each other.

If you see neon tetras being uncomfortable and aggressive, then understand that something is bothering your fish. Then, analyze what is bothering your fish and try to solve the matter. So, if you have kept the Neon Tetras as your pet, you will agree with me. These fish are super friendly and have a peaceful nature.

Fact #11: Fast Swimmers And Playful Beings

Trust me when I say this: You should not miss seeing the Neon Tetras swimming together in a group. But I am sure you have not missed that scene at all.

Well, if you have, make sure you do not miss the next one! The Neon Tetras are fast swimmers. You must see these fish swimming together in a group because that scene is worth watching.

When the group of Neon Tetras swims together, you will see the glorifying mixture of color inside your aquarium. Neon Tetras show their happiness and satisfaction by swimming around and around the tank too.

Seeing them being happy like that will make you happy in return. Keep one thing in mind. Even though the Neon Tetras are fast swimmers, these fish can’t fight with the high moving current.

Fact #12: Fin Nippers

I have seen most of the beginner fish keepers often curious about the same question. It is if the Neon Tetras are fin nippers or not.

Well, the answer is not entirely clear. Most of the Neon Tetras are fin nippers, and most of them spend their time chasing each other. You may notice the male chasing female, especially in the breeding season.

However, some Neon Tetras may not do anything like chasing. They will stick around with each other and keep doing their work of just swimming and eating. Even though the Neon Tetras are delicate, their fin nipping habit can sometimes create trouble too.

Some fish may even die because of the pain they feel. You should notice some Neon Tetras fin nipping other fishes. It occurs because of their uncomfortableness and not because of their aggressiveness. You should provide extra care to your Neon Tetra in such cases.

Fact #13: Egg Scatterers

Do you know that the breeding of the Neon Tetra pair is a bit challenging? It is because you need to keep the breeding pair in a separate tank.

You should also make sure the water is a bit warmer than the daily temperature to encourage fast breeding. The male usually chases the female when he is ready.

Can you distinguish the male and female Neon Tetra? Well, the male is slightly smaller and slimmer and has straight strips in the abdomen. The female has a broader body, and the stripes appear bent in the stomach.

Have you ever seen a female Neon Tetra lay the eggs? If you have, then you know that the Neon Tetras are egg scatterers.

When the mating occurs between the pair, it is best to leave them unseen for 24 hours. Later on, when you check the breeding tank, you will notice that the female has scattered the eggs all over.

If you did not know, a female lays hundreds of eggs at a time, which the male fertilizes right after. Unlike all other fish types, you should separate the breeding pair from the breeding tank after the mating process is over because these fish are not caring parents. It means that the Neon Tetras may eat the eggs.

Fact #14: Lifespan

The average lifespan of the Neon Tetra is 8 to 10 years. But, what if I tell you that I have seen the Neon Tetra that has even up to 15 years? You may find it hard to believe, wouldn’t you? But it is true.

It is possible, and it can happen if you take extra care of your Neon Tetra from the beginning. By beginning, I mean to say that you must buy a healthy Neon Tetra from a reputed, experienced and, famous fish hobbyist.

It will ensure that your fry neon Tetra is healthy. Then, you must feed your Neon Tetra with a balanced diet and provide a homely environment. A properly balanced diet, right tank conditions, and adequate water parameters are the factors that influence the longevity in the lifespan of Neon Tetras. 

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Fact #15: Inquiring Investigator And Interactor

I think you are confused by reading this title. Am I right? Well, don’t worry! I am here to help you. Are you wondering why did I call the Neon Tetra inquiring investigator and interactor?

The Neon Tetras are inquiring investigators because these fish have an extreme curiosity level. I mean, you may see all the fish gathering around and circling each other in a meeting. It will especially happen if any one of them finds something in the aquarium, and the others will come for investigation.

The next point is that these fish are interactors. It means that these fish can recognize their owner. Yes, you read it right. Your Neon Tetra will acknowledge you. In addition to that, these fish will come to the side of the tank where you are standing.

Not only that but, your Neon Tetra will even greet you by shaking their fins and tails if you wave at them. Doesn’t that sound interesting to you? Well, the Neon Tetras are cute, and their behavior is super cute!

Some Care Tips Besides 15 Fun And Interesting Facts About Neon Tetra

  1. Provide the right tank conditions in the right tank size.
  2. Make sure that you check the water temperature and keep the lighting system too.
  3. Maintain adequate water hardness level (PH and DH levels).
  4. Keep a proper filtration system in the aquarium.
  5. Choose and collect the correct tankmates.
  6. Give a properly balanced diet.
  7. Maintain a homely environment by adding a lot of plants and substrates to mimic the natural environment.
  8. Do not let the Neon Tetras stress out and separate the fish into a separate tank if they get sick.
  9. Provide health care facilities to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Last Words On Neon Tetra Facts

So, what are your thoughts about petting the Neon Tetra? If you have kept this fish or if you have it right now, what do you think? Aren’t you impressed by this cute and beautiful fish? Well, I am sure you love the Neon Tetra as much as I do.

If you have not kept the fish and are thinking to bring them home one day, that is a great idea! You will undoubtedly love this fish.

Today, I only mentioned 15 Fun and Interesting Facts about Neon Tetra. I am sure there are many more facts as such. Anyway, I tried my best to sum up the basic things that we all must know about Neon Tetra. So, go ahead and keep continuing to provide tender love and care to your beautiful fish. Happy fishkeeping!

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