Swim Bladder Disorder In Ember Tetra

Swim Bladder Disorder In Ember Tetras

When you look at the life of an Ember Tetra, it’s not hard to see why this fish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. These tetras generally get their name from their red and orange coloration as well as their lightning movements when they’re swimming in schools. Unfortunately, despite all of these … Read more

Are Ember Tetras Schooling Fish?

Are Ember Tetras Schooling Fish

Are Ember Tetras Schooling Fish? It’s a question that is often asked among aquarists and fishkeepers alike. Don’t worry, I will tell you all about it. Yes, Ember Tetras are schooling fish as they prefer to be in a group of their own species and like the security that comes from being part of a … Read more

Why Is My Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying?

Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying

You just bought some beautiful Cardinal Tetras to keep in your tank. The next day, you find them floating upside down in your tank; they’re all dead. Time and again, you find your Cardinal Tetras dying for no reason. “What’s wrong? Why do my Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying?” you ask yourself. To help you understand … Read more