Can You Keep Tetra Fish And Angelfish Together?

can you keep tetra fish and angelfish together

Angelfish and tetra fish are some of the most popular tropical freshwater fish. This is because they are considered the best community fish. You can keep Tetra Fish with much other non-aggressive fish. But people often ask me whether Angelfish are compatible tank mates of Tetra fish because tetra fish are non-aggressive fish, whereas angelfish falls in the category of semi-aggressive. Is it good to keep a semi-aggressive fish with non-aggressive fish although they are community fish? Can You Keep Tetra Fish And Angelfish Together?

My answer to whether or not you can keep Tetra Fish and Angelfish together is yes, you can keep an Angelfish with Tetra Fish in the same aquarium. But you need to be careful because tetras are small fish and angelfish are fond of eating small fish. I would recommend you to keep them together until the angelfish becomes big. It is because they would hunt tetras for food when they grow.

Talking about my personal experience, I have also kept tetra fish and angelfish together and have not faced any kind of trouble yet. However, other aquarists do not suggest keeping neon tetras and angelfish together because angelfish can eat neon tetras. Another reason could be the delicate fins of angelfish, which can be damaged by neon tetras. I want to suggest you keep them in a large tank because angelfish becomes big and requires a large tank.


Angelfish are semi-aggressive fish originating from the Amazon Basin, South America. Their unusual body structure makes them more feasible to hide among roots and plants. Angelfish eat small fish and macroinvertebrates. So, the principle, “Big fish eat little fish,” applies to angelfish. Angelfish are peaceful and friendly but eat their eggs after the eggs are fertilized. So, you need to hide Angelfish eggs from these species of fish.

Furthermore, you must be careful that you do not overstock the aquarium because Angelfish can get aggressive. Another condition where these fish can get aggressive is during mating and feeding. If you provide angelfish with an appropriate environment and give them the proper care, the fish can live up to 10 years.

Tetra Fish

Tetra fish are active community fish originating from the Amazon River Basin. You can keep 6 or more tetras in a single aquarium depending on the size of your aquarium.

Tetra fish are schooling fish and do well when they have similar mates in the tank. The life span of Tetra fish is 10 years with an ideal environment.

You can find tetras in different vibrant colors, which is joyous to watch. You can recognize Tetra fish through their fins, which are unique from others. Tetra Fish live in a peaceful community with non-aggressive or semi-aggressive fish.

What Are The Similarities Between Angelfish And Tetra Fish?

Although angelfish and tetra fish might appear different, there are various similarities between them. Here are some of the similarities that make the fish good tankmates for each other!

Tetra And Angelfish Are Peaceful Fish

Tetra fish is non-aggressive fish, but angelfish are semi-aggressive fish, but both live in a peaceful community. Although angelfish are semi-aggressive fish, these fish do not get violent all the time. During the time of breeding and feeding, angelfish and tetras become aggressive.

Also, when your aquarium is overstocked, tetra fish and angelfish get aggressive. You can keep them together as both the species are compatible with each other until the angelfish are small.

As angelfish are peaceful, you need to keep them with those species having the same temperament, and tetra fish belong to the species having the same temperament as angelfish.

However, you need to keep more Tetra fish than angelfish in a large aquarium so that these fish get enough place to hide from any kind of threat. In my opinion, you can keep 6 neon tetras and 1 angelfish together.

Tetra Fish And Angelfish Are Easy to Care

Angelfish and tetra fish are easy to care for as these fish require little maintenance other than healthy feeding. You rarely need to give these species special care and do a range of setups except during breeding.

During the time of breeding, you need to be careful and look after angelfish and tetras time and again because after these species, angelfish and tetra fish lay eggs, you need to separate them from their mothers, or else adults can eat the eggs.

Breeding tetra fish, as well as Angelfish, can be tricky so, that’s probably the only time you have to have a certain tank with an ideal environment at the point for them.

Tetra And Angelfish Can Tolerate a Wide Range of Water Condition

Both tetra fish and angelfish can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. However, angelfish need little warmer water with good filtration in an aquarium, and tetra fish prefer little soft water as their native habitat is Amazon Basin.

Unlike other fish, you do not need to be so worried related to the water parameters for tetra fish and angelfish.

Angelfish and Tetra fish are hardy fish and can adjust to a huge range of water parameters, the slightest changes won’t make you break a sweat. However, you need to give them time to adjust to the water in the aquarium.

Tetra Fish And Angelfish Are Community Fish

Angelfish and tetra fish are active community fish who live with other fish in the aquarium. You can keep multiple tetras and angelfish in an aquarium because both are friendly and peaceful.

However, you need a larger aquarium of at least 55 gallons for your angelfish because these fish grow larger, unlike tetras.

You do not need to worry about angelfish getting aggressive with other fish. Angelfish and tetra fish live together, playing with each other, and entertaining themselves.

Tetra Fish And Angelfish Belong To The Same Habitat

Angelfish and Tetra fish are tropical fish found in the Amazon Basins of South America, hence the same origin and habitat.

You can see angelfish and tetras in soft, slow-moving water in the wild. Angelfish usually inhabit trees that fall in the river. Also, tetra fish reside in rivers and streams.

What Are The Things You Need To Avoid While Keeping Tetra Fish With Angelfish?

Various things can go wrong when you keep your Angelfish and Tetra fish together. So, I will be talking about some of the mistakes I have made that you can avoid while keeping your tetra fish and angelfish together. Continue to read the points below to find out!

Do Not Overstock the Aquarium

As we know, tetra fish are non-aggressive, and angelfish are semi-aggressive species of fish, Angelfish and tetra fish cannot survive if the aquarium is overstocked.

Besides, Angelfish can be aggressive. You can keep 6-10 tetras in a 5-gallon tank, and you need a 55-gallon tank to keep 6-10 angelfish together.

In the same way, Angelfish are larger, while tetras are small in size. So, according to their sizes and the quantity, you need to select an aquarium for both the fishes. You can keep tetra fish and angelfish together, but you cannot overstock the aquarium, or else these fish can show their aggressive side.

Be Careful While Breeding Tetra Fish And Angelfish

Like tetra fish, Angelfish also eat their eggs after they fertilize. So, when the fish gets ready to spawn, you need to watch the fish carefully and provide them with special care.

After angelfish lay eggs, you need to separate the pair with their eggs so that the eggs get fertilized and can survive. Angelfish lay eggs in flattened surfaces and groups. Likewise, you can see Angelfish lay around 100-120 eggs at the same time.

On the other hand, tetras can lay eggs around 50-120 at the same time. After females lay eggs, males fertilize them immediately. After fertilization, you need to remove the eggs from that aquarium or hide the eggs in the aquarium where the adults cannot find them. Taking care of tetra fish fry begins the very moment adult fish lays eggs.

Avoid Anything That Can Fit in The Mouth Of Angelfish

A basic principle, “Big fish eat little fish,” applies to angelfish. You should avoid keeping the things in the aquarium that are small and fit in the mouth of angelfish. The Angelfish eat small things if the thing fits in their mouth. Angelfish are omnivorous creatures, so these fish eat worms that reside at the bottom of the aquarium and even eat small fishes.

Avoid Keeping Small Tetra Fish with Young Angelfish

Tetra fish are small in size, but young angelfish are larger. So, it is better if you do not keep small tetra fish with young angelfish, or else angelfish might eat tetras.

It is preferred that you should keep different species of fish together when they are young. But, in this case, you need to be careful that you do not keep small fish.

Angelfish feed on worms, live foods, frozen foods, color flakes, and sometimes small fish. So, you need to be careful when you keep tetras with angelfish.

Is There Any Risk Of Keeping Angelfish With Tetra Fish?

Yes, of course, when you keep the fish of different species together, there are high chances of risk. Similarly, when you keep angelfish with Tetra fish, there is a risk for angelfish as well as for tetra fish.

As I mentioned before, Angelfish eats small fish if the fish fit in its mouth. So, you must be careful when you keep tetras with angelfish because tetras are small in size. You would not want your tetras to become food for your Angelfish!

The next risk is, you should keep your angelfish separately when you notice them suffering from a disease known as the angelfish virus. If you find angelfish suffering from any kind of disease, make sure you keep the fish in a separate tank and start medication.

The third and most important is when angelfish fight with other species, they can damage the fins of angelfish as the fins tear easily.

Even though tetras are non-aggressive species of fish, these fish sometimes show their aggressive side too. You can visualize it while feeding or breeding.

Furthermore, some tetras like Neon tetra have known fin nippers, so angelfish should protect their delicate fins from neon tetras.

During this time, if neon tetras bite, the fins of angelfish can be damaged. So, if your Angelfish is ready to spawn, keep these fish in a separate tank. Likewise, your aquarium must not be overcrowded and must have hiding spaces.

This can help to protect your angelfish from the aggression of others and also reduce the aggression of angelfish themselves.

Final Words

As a fish lover, I was thinking of domesticating angelfish. So, I did some research to know their compatible tank mates. I found that tetra fish are compatible tankmates for angelfish.

Both the fish have many similarities and make a good pair as tankmates. I have written this article based on my research, as well as my personal experience.

Besides, I have tried to give you as much information as I can, regarding the compatibility of tetra fish with angelfish. Hope you found this article beneficial to domesticate your fish.

Also, I have mentioned the risk factors as well as the things you need to be careful of when you keep these two species together. I hope you enjoy reading this article and it is useful for you!

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