9 Best Silvertip Tetra Tank Mates To Pick From

Silvertip Tetra Tank Mates

Who doesn’t want to own an aquarium with all the colorful fish together and making surrounding more delightful? And if you already have shoaling fish like Silvertip tetra in the tank, you are halfway there. Ask questions if you really want to have a community tank along with Silvertip tetra. Which fish breeds will be … Read more

Glass Bloodfin Tetra Care: Ideal for the Novice? – Care Sheet

Glass Bloodfin Tetra

Hi, I’m an aquarium hobbyist and I’ve been wanting to add a new fish to my aquarium. As of my limited time as a university student, I’ve been researching the ideal fish for my situation. Out of all the Tetras that exist, “Glass Blood Tetra” was the one that grabbed my attention. For a novice … Read more

How To Set Up Breeding Tank For Tetras?

How To Set Up Breeding Tank For Tetras?

Tetras are small, tropical freshwater fishes that have their origin in South America. They are preferred worldwide. As a result, many people keep these tiny fish for breeding and selling purposes. Peaceful temperament, easy to care, and a variety of colors are some of the reasons why people prefer tetras worldwide. In the wild, the … Read more