12 Best Tetra Fish Tank Mates And Fish To Avoid

Tetra Fish Tank Mates

With the vibrant and bright colorations, tetra fish has become one of the most popular fish that people want in their home aquarium. Tetras are small freshwater fish that come from the Characidae family. Tetra fish have diverse groups consisting of over 1100 species in this family. Therefore, fish lovers across the world have many … Read more

Breeding Tetra Fish – Step By Step Guide

breeding tetra

Tetra fish are one of the most popular species for home aquariums. Tetras come from the small freshwater streams of South America, Central America, and Africa. You can see the tetras categorized into three different families:- Alestidae, Lebiasinidae, and Characidae. Characidae is the most popular one nowadays. You can differentiate this particular family from others … Read more

How to Set up an Aquarium for Tetra Fish

Set up an Aquarium for Tetra Fish

Nowadays, there has been an increasing trend of keeping an aquarium tank as a decorative and attraction showpiece in people’s homes. However, an aquarium tank is so much more than just a decorative item. Setting up an aquarium takes a huge effort and research. Hence, before purchasing our first tetra fish, you must make sure … Read more

Types of Aquarium Filter For Tetra Fish and Filtration Methods

Water Parameters for Tetra Fish

The water in your aquarium is an essential environment of the fish that you are keeping. The quality and parameter of the water in your aquarium will decide the wellbeing of your fish. An actively running filtration system is a must for a tank to run without creating any disturbances to the fish. Many other … Read more

Do Tetra Fish Eat Shrimp? Do you Need To Worry?

Do Tetra Fish Eat Shrimp

I added the tetra fish to my shrimp aquarium and have been learning a lot from it. In this post, I want to share with you some of the essential things I have learned while keeping tetras with shrimp. Can you keep them together? Will your tetra fish eat your shrimp? For sure, you will … Read more