Top 10 Best Food For Tetra Fish And Why?

best food for tetra fish

Tetra fish need a balanced yet nutritional diet and there is ever hanging question about the food you need to provide your tetra. There are a few commercial and homemade foods you can go for when it comes to feeding your tetra. These tetras will eat anything you provide them and whatever fits in their mouth. But let me help you with a few questions about their diet. What is the best food for tetras? Why have they considered the best foods for tetra fish?

The best commercial foods for tetras are flakes, pellets, and algae wafers alongside some homemade foods like brine shrimps, beef heart, vegetables, egg yolk, etc. The size and amount of food and feeding frequency are the most deciding factors when you plan to keep and feed tetras.

Let’s find out the best foods you can feed your tetra through the article given below. This article will undoubtedly guide you even if you are a beginner.

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Top 10 Best Food For Tetra Fish

Here is the thing about tetra, they will eat anything, like anything as long as it fits in their mouth. They will, however, spit it out when these tetras figure out whether it is food or not.

So, you need to be extra careful with the foods you give to your tetra. Never go for anything less than the best, your tetras’ health and life are in sake here.

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Here is the list of the best food for tetra fish you can buy commercially:

TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Color Enhancer

The first one on this list of the best food for tetra, we have a one with the natural color enhancer. TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Color Enhancer, as its name states, helps to enhance the natural color of your tetra.

TetraColor Tropical Flakes is enhanced with vitamin C and supposedly some health-enhancing ProCare.

These flakes not only promote the natural pink to orange-red colors in your tetra but also leave the tank uncloudy and clean.

You can feed this flake to your tetra every day without worrying about the inappropriate nutritional values.

However, you have to feed this flake on the alternate days with spirulina food and treats as tetra might not prefer repetition.

TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes, Cleaner and Clearer Water Formula

Let’s move on to the next one, shall we? Now coming to the next best food for your tetra, we have TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes. Not that the first one was the first best and this one is a little lesser than that.

This is absolutely not the case. Every food I am recommending here is equally best for your tetras. All you have to remember is to feed them different fish food on alternate days.

Okay, now the air is clear, let’s talk business. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes is a highly digestible food flake that you can use as a staple food for your tetras.

These flakes carry a natural flavor and aroma of real shrimp, hence acts as an attractive factor for your tetras.

This TetraMin also has the ProCare blend that helps to support the immune system of your tetra fish. ProCare blend helps to manage the optimal health and long life of your tetra fish.

Another prime factor is the cleanliness when it comes to leftovers and uneaten flakes. You see some fish food when left uneaten have the potential to cloud the tank and make it dirty for tetra to even survive in let alone thrive.

However, this is not the case with these flakes if you are wise enough to do exactly the instructions ask you to do.

Likewise, TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes are specialized as well as high-protein fish flakes in a formula. These proteins in the formula improve and enhance the natural brilliant colors for your tetra.

Tetra TetraPRO Tropical Color Crisps With Biotin for Fish

Tetra TetraPRO Tropical Color Crisps With Biotin for Fish helps to give advanced nutrition to your tetra fish.

Thanks to its low-heat manufacturing process, the essential nutrients and vitamins remain preserved and content.

This low-heat manufacturing process ensures the optimal health of your tetra fish delivering the best nutrients.

The biotin present in the crisps helps to support the immune system of tetra fish and hence stronger and healthier fish in the tank.

Alike most fish foods, this one too has natural color enhancers in them. These enhancers help in the development and maintenance of beautiful and vibrant colors of tetras.

Likewise, they have a clear water formula making it easy to digest and help in the metabolism of food in fish.

The efficiency in the metabolism rate induces low waste in the aquarium and hence less ammonia production.

Since these foods float on the water for a longer period, there is a high chance that tetras finish most of the food before it touches the substrate.

Thus, no or very few leftovers mean the tank will be clearer and aquarium water won’t get dirty soon enough.

TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food for Tropical Fish

The good thing about TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food for Tropical Fish is it is highly digestible.

You can use this flake as a staple fish for your top or mid-dwelling tetra fish. This TetraMin Flake Food as its name states has a nutritionally balanced diet for tetra fish.

A nutritionally balanced diet will, no doubt, ensure the optimal health and happier captive life of tetra fish.

Now coming to the active life formula, these flakes have added antioxidants to help tetra get healthy cells.

Also, the selected proteins present in the food support the ideal growth of the tetra fish. Whilst the prebiotics added in the TetraMin flakes will definitely help in smooth metabolism and food digestion.

You can give this flake to tetra two to three times a day. But the amount should be what your tetra fish can consume within 3 minutes.

If you follow the directions and instructions properly, there is no way you’ll have a cloudy or dirty tank.

No leftovers or overfeeding issues will come around the perimeter of the tank or fish when you follow the rules.

And of course, you can give this to tetra among all ages, there is no age limit or restrictions.

Hikari Micro Wafers

Now, coming to the 5th one in the list of the best food for tetra, we are moving on to the wafers. When we are talking about tetra food, how can we leave algae wafers behind?

Hikari Micro Wafers  are the smallest algae wafers all around the world and hence ideal for small fish like tetras.

And of course, it is designed in such a way that it will be easy for tetras to nip off it as this wafer is made with a special formula for tetras.

Now I know curiosity is getting the best of you, you want to know what is in there that makes Hikari Micro Wafers special?

Well, starting with the varieties of algae, these wafers are rich in spirulina as well as contains Astaxanthin. The latter promotes the vivid coloration present in your tetra fish.

Also, these wafers are enriched with stabilized vitamin C. Likewise, they, like the above fish foods I mentioned already, will not cloud your aquarium water and make the tetra tank dirty.

Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets

Here we are on the 6th fish food that is the best food you can feed your tetra fish. And this one we are about to talk about is a scientifically proven fish food micro pellets based on superior nutrition.

Throughout decades, these Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets meet the dietary needs and nutritional demand of tetra fish along with some others too.

This one is enriched with marine as well as vegetable proteins which can be ideal for tetras. This premium selection of proteins provides a high level of energy to the tetra fish that asks for larger energy reserves.

These pellets might not float all the way but they sink very slowly. Hence the semi-floating nature ensures the consumption of fish that lives in different levels of the tank.

Another unique feature of these Hikari pellets is the micro-coating of the food. This coating is the reason for eliminating the loss of nutrition.

Also, the micro-coating helps to prevent the water clouding by not letting the organic compounds escape quickly.

Likewise, this one, too, contributes to restoring and maintaining the vivid coloration of the tetra fish.

Thanks to the spirulina and krill in the pellets, the beautiful and vibrant colors of tetras stay.

Similarly, Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets have these unique colored granules that make them easy to see underwater too.

Your tetra will have no difficulty detecting the food even when it sinks to the substrate. This will lead to the maximum consumption of food whilst low wastage and no ammonia production.

API Tropical Flakes

Well, we are already on the lucky seven of the best food for tetras list. There are so many options that it becomes hard to pick the right one sometimes.

But there is no doubt or what if or why when it comes to API Tropical Flakes. They have the key nutrients that your tetra diet asks for in their balanced nutrition.

Beneficial nutrients are present in these flakes in high concentrations. Thanks to the carotenoids and squid and menhaden for enhancing colors and growth of tetras respectively.

The nutritionally enhanced protein formulated in this flake helps in the promotion of optimum digestion.

The optimal digestion helps to produce less waste in the tetra tank, to be precise 30% less ammonia.

Hence, you will have less work of cleaning as these tetras’ excretion will not result in a dirty aquarium.

Likewise, the proteins from the mixture of shrimps and worms provide the essential amino acids to the tetras. These amino acids enhance the optimal development of the fish you have.

The presence of vitamin C and E, yeast as well as some hint of garlic makes the immune system of your tetra stronger.

You see why this flake is one of the best bets when it comes to feeding your tetra in the tank. But then again, you have to be careful with overfeeding and obesity.

Follow the instructions that come with the box so that you know what to do and what not to do. It all comes down to you when your tetra gets sick or dies.

Tetra Freeze-Dried Blood Worms

From the 7th to the 8th number to the list, we move from flakes to blood worms. I hereby recommend you Tetra Freeze-Dried Blood Worms for your tetra fish.

This one is the dietary supplement with the freeze-dried blood worms. These worms are nutritious supplement that helps to boost energy in tetras along with their conditioning.

Tetra Freeze-Dried Blood Worms do not have any unnecessary organisms present in the live bloodworms that might harm your tetra.

However, you have to be careful with this around children so this one comes with the children safety lid.

You have to remember to feed them as supplementary food to the staple diet twice or thrice a week. Feed them what your tetra can eat within a few minutes.

Any more than that might be overfeeding and can cause severe health effects on fish. So, I am saying this again, read the instructions carefully and avoid overfeeding your tetras.

Omega One Super Color Flakes

Here we are towards the last number from the list but that doesn’t mean I have kept worst in the last. As I already stated none of these foods are bad and neither is Omega One Super Color Flakes just because I kept this last.

Now coming to the merits of these flakes. Omega One Super Color Flakes as their name states contain omega 6 fatty acids in their nutritional blend.

This specific fatty acid is quite valuable for your tetra fish and its immune system. Omega 6 helps the fish to get a strong immune system while promoting cell development.

And, these flakes provide tetra fish exactly this, so they are the definitely ideal choice for any freshwater fish including tetras.

Similarly, the salmon present in the flakes have natural beta carotenes. These carotenes help the tetra fish to get excellent and vibrant coloration.

Along with the color enhancement, superior quality follows providing tetras only good proteins rather than pre-processed proteins.

These flakes don’t contain any hydrolysates or digests, hence ideal for tetra fish. Likewise, these flakes are practically or naturally insoluble in water.

Thus, the chance of water pollution, cloudy foamy water along with the spike of ammonia is quite less and sometimes even null.

Also, the presence of less starch in the flakes helps the fish to produce less waste, hence less aquarium water pollution.

Let’s talk about the presence of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, and ash in these Omega One Super Color Flakes.

These flakes contain 41% of min crude protein, 12% of min crude fat along 2% of max crude fiber while the max moisture and ash presence is 8.5% and 8% respectively.

Aqueon Tropical Granules Fish Food

Last but not least, I have kept the Aqueon Tropical Granules Fish Food in the list of the best food for tetra fish.

Taking up the 10th position Aqueon Tropical Granules Fish Food is an ideal choice for tetras for daily use. These granules give balanced and proper nutrition to the tetra fish.

This fish food consists of all the natural ingredients as well as colors. It has added vitamins, minerals, as well as a trace amount of all other nutrients that tetra ask in their healthy and complete dietary requirements.

As most of the above-mentioned fish food, these granules enhance the immune system of the tetras while promoting and preserving the natural and true colors of your tetras accordingly.

Similarly, like most fish food here, this one also helps the fish to excrete less and utilize most of the food they eat within their body.

But be careful, as I already said, tetras are prone to getting overweight and obese. So, feed them in very fewer amounts, only what they can eat within a few minutes and never more than that.

Remove the leftover food as soon as you see your tetras are done eating or within few hours. This will reduce the chance of ammonia production and aquarium water clouding.

How To Feed Your Tetras?

Feeding your tetras is super easy as sprinkling the food from the top can never be less fun. There are, although, few things you need to know before feeding your tetras.

As I already said, it is no rocket science and even kids can do it if you teach them properly. Once you know what to feed them, how to feed them lingers behind the mind.

If you have certain ideas about the feeding habit and amount of food of tetras in the wild, it will get easier to figure out what to do in the tank.

Firstly, you can follow what a few aquarists do, you can feed your fish 5 times a day as in the wild accordingly.

But the size and amount of food should be very small. Something that they will finish within 2 3 minutes. This one has a high risk of overfeeding your fish and obesity.

Next, you can try feeding them once a day as it is a minimum range to feed them. However, feeding your tetra twice a day is an ideal frequency.

Now coming to the amount of food, feed your tetras what they can eat within 5 minutes. This fish loves food and doesn’t know when to stop.

So, be careful with the food and amount of food you provide them. You might be welcoming diseases and health issues to your fish unknowingly and unintentionally.

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Why You Should Avoid Overfeeding Your Tetras?

Well, let’s start with the basics. Your tetra will get fat and unhealthy like any other living being when it is overfed.

So, here is a simple thing for you. Either ask for healthy fish or fish that eats all the time. Nothing in between.

But when you decide to go for tetra fish, please for god’s sake, for your fish’s sake, do not overfeed them. People tend to feed them more often just because they love to see these fish eat.

I know that looks cute and beautiful, I get it, but it might kill them. Here is the list of things that can happen when you overfeed your tetras.

Cloudy Aquarium Water

When you overfeed your tetras, they will eat most of the food and might welcome obesity. But that is a story for another time, now let’s focus on the food that tetras leave behind after they are full.

Foods are made up of organic matter which will rot once they come in contact with water for a long period.

Now coming back to overfed tetras, these tetras will produce a lot of waste reciprocating the food they ate.

Hence, the rotting and high waste production once accumulate in the tank make the tank cloudy, foamy, and dirty.

Aquarium Ammonia Poisoning

Aquarium ammonia poisoning is the result of the high level of waste production and leftover food.

These foods spike the ammonia production in the tank and the aquarium beneficial bacteria is not able to convert ammonia into nitrite faster.

Hence, this will result in ammonia poisoning which will, in turn, harm your tetra present in the tank. You have to filter out the food as soon as possible once you see your fish have stop eating.

Cleaning the tetra tank is the most important part of tetra fish care, don’t oversee it and ignore the dirty tank.

Filtration Issues

Here, the next issue is quite common and you can interpret it yourself. The filtration issue is quite simple to understand, see when there are so many wastes to clear, it will definitely result in technical problems.

Your filter can clear waste material to a limit and beyond that, it will have problems too. Aquarium filter is just another device or machine, cut it some slack.

When you overfeed your fish, the fish excretion spikes, as well as leftovers, will crowd the tank. Hence, it comes down to the aquarium filter to clear it all out.

The overload of work can make a man sick, and this is a simple machine we are talking about. You’ll start to see blockage and clogging of the filter, and it is understandable.

pH Level Fluctuation

Organic components present in the food will break down into acidic compounds when left in the tank for long period.

This will contribute to a drop in the pH of the tetra tank. Since some tetras can be quite sensitive about pH and most tetras are delicate towards constant fluctuation, you might be in great trouble.

Low Oxygen Level

Organic compounds present in the food use the oxygen present in the tank during the anaerobic process and releases carbon dioxide into the tank.

Thus this will result in a low oxygen level for your tetra and the aquatic plants you have in your well-planted tetra tank.

Algal Growth

Algae are a true nightmare for any aquarist let alone tetra enthusiasts. And leftover food or simply overfeeding welcomes the algal growth with over arms.

The promotion and production of ammonia, nitrates, etc. help the algae to bloom in the tank. Told you Nightmare, and the worst one as it is very hard to get rid of algae.

Fungal And Mold Growth In The Tetra Tank

Of course, the organic component of the food invites fungus and mold to the dirtying the tank party. And if in the case or unfortunately, your tetra has any kind of injury or open wounds, then infection intervenes.

Fungal infection thus follows the fungus into the open wounds present in tetra. This can even get fatal when not treated on time.

Prevention is better than cure, my friend. Keep that in mind while raising tetras in the tank.

What To Feed Your Tetras When You Are Out Of Food?

There are so many options when it comes to homemade foods for tetra fish. There are very easy and undemanding while eating any food you give them.

Commercial foods will not last forever and it is an inevitable fact. So, you might like to have an option in your home premises.

There are few ways to DIY fish food at home without compromising the health of your tetra. Green leafy vegetables to fruits, Chicken to beef heart, any of these can be ideal foods for tetra fish accordingly.

Your best bet will always be green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, Brussel sprouts, zucchini, and cucumbers. But remember to cut these leaves into small pieces.

Also, you need to boil every vegetable before feeding them. Boiling will make the vegetables soft and easy to digest.

Now, again you have a choice with little deviation from herbivorous diet to meaty ones. Hard-boiled eggs, shredded beef heart, etc. will be a great option with a meaty diet.

When you are lacking with most of these vegetables, you have another choice to feed them rice and pasta. But make sure both of these are well-boiled and cooked as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some food-related questions about tetra fish that you might be wondering about.

What Human Food Can Tetras Eat?

Tetras are omnivores so they will eat most of the food you provide them. Here are the human foods you can feed your tetras:

  1. Zucchini
  2. Cucumber
  3. Peas
  4. Hard-boiled egg yolk
  5. Lima beans
  6. Spinach
  7. Lettuce
  8. Chicken
  9. Beef heart
  10. Shrimps
  11. Boiled rice
  12. Boiled corn, etc.

How Long Can Tetras Go Without Food?

You can leave your tetra for 4 days without giving them food before any signs of malnutrition and hunger shows up.

If you have a clean and ideal tetra tank, your tetras can survive for 4 days to 2 weeks approximately when they are kept unfed.

But please don’t experiment, you are doing a bad thing for your tetra and making them unhealthy. Even in your absence, make sure they are well-fed.

You can ask your friend or neighbor to feed your tetra when you are away vacationing.

How Many Times Should I Feed My Tetras?

The feeding frequency depends on the age of tetra you have. The newly born tetra fry asks for food more often and you might have to feed them many times a day.

But when it comes to adult tetras, you’ll be okay with feeding them once a twice a day. They will be happy to get their food after and before the nap. So, make sure you feed them during the daytime.


Briefly, tetras are one of the easiest fish to pet in a home aquarium most of the time. And your life gets simpler regarding aquarium fish care when you get appropriate fish food for your tetra. These tetras will eat anything that fits their mouth or whatever you give them. That’s why it is your responsibility to feed them the food I recommended above. You can go for homemade foods but sometimes vegetables don’t have all the nutrients fish ask for.

However, commercial foods are specifically made for tetras fish with all the nutrient contents. These foods not only act as the diet for tetras but also help to enhance the color in them. Healthy and active tetras are always eye-catching and heartwarming and it is only possible when you provide the proper diet. Remember not to overfeed them or else you will end up having dead fish and a dirty tank. There is no rocket science in knowing what to feed your tetras. Research well about their diet in wild and you’ll have the idea about the food you can provide them in an aquarium. Captivity doesn’t always mean deviation, food choice and diet preference remain the same no matter what.

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