Is Neon Tetra A Good Fish For Beginners? Are They Easy To Keep?

Neon Tetra For Beginners

When you are new to fish keeping, you look for fish that are easy to look after and care for. However, even when you are looking for easy fish to care for, you will want that fish to add beauty and vibrancy to your home aquarium. And here is when tetras species come in, and most people are first attracted to neon tetra. But the question remains, whether or not to get them. Are neon tetras ideal for you? Is neon tetra a good fish for beginners?

Well, yes. Yes, Neon tetras are ideal fish for you if you are planning to start a home aquarium. Hardy fish like neon tetras that adapt to a wide range of water parameters can never be wrong even if you are a beginner.

Although being hardy fish, Neon tetras still require certain water parameters to thrive in. The only difference is that the range of water parameters that neon tetras require is a bit wide than other fish. So, you get to play with your water chemistry. In this article, I will answer the what, the why, the how, and so on related to neon tetras being beginner fish, and how to take good care of them.

Is Neon Tetra A Good Fish For Beginners?

Yes, Neon tetra is a good fish for beginners. When you are a novice or a beginner aquarist, tetras are your go-to fish.

And neon tetras will definitely be one of your first choices. These tropical fish will the best addition to the tank even if you are new to fish keeping and have just gotten the fish tank.

There are always new things to try on and petting neon tetras will be a rewarding one. Trust me when I say this, neon tetras will be the best thing ever happen to you from the very beginning.

Why Is Neon Tetra A Good Fish For Beginners?

So, coming directly to the point with no nuisance or cynical wordings, Neon tetras are hardy fish. Hence, they are ideal for beginners.

As you already know (probably), neon tetras are tropical fish that comes from a very planted yet vivid environment.

Thus, their capability to adjust to a wide range of water is impeccable. The slight change in the water parameters won’t bother these tetras much. But that does not mean you keep them and forget about them. You do need to care for your neon tetras.

Likewise, they will eat anything you give them, these tetras are omnivores and even live off on simple cucumber and lettuce for days. Learn how much and how often should you feed your neon tetra from our previous article.

Hence, neon tetras give you a window to make mistakes and learn. Learning from your mistakes is the best teacher and lessonn you will ever have.

How Can You Keep Neon Tetra Safe In The Tank?

It is quite easy to keep your neon tetras safe, and I will give you a brief knowledge about that.

If you want to have a deeper knowledge about this, go through this other article How To Take Care Of Neon Tetra Fish: Best Tips

Here are few tips I would like to drop though; this will probably make it easier for you to have something to start from:

  1. Get a high-quality filter like  Penn Plax Cascade 400 Submersible Aquarium Filter and filter the tank often.
  2. Buy a heater such as Hitop Submersible Adjustable Aquarium Heater and make sure the heat is equally distributed and ideal accordingly.
  3. Put enough plants like java moss, etc. in the tank for them to hide and feel the natural vibe.
  4. Test the water time and often.
  5. Don’t keep the lights on for more than 10 to 12 hours.
  6. Don’t keep them alone, they can die of loneliness.
  7. Feed Them properly and at an appropriate time every day.

Beginners Problem That Can Happen In Neon Tetra Tank

Certain problems tend to follow new aquarist wherever they go. They are some simple mistake and is quite understandable when you make it.

  1. Inappropriate tank size
  2. Skipping Aquarium Cycling
  3. Same Day purchase of aquarium and neon tetras
  4. Not knowing the tank size to fish number ratio
  5. Overstocking
  6. Overfeeding
  7. Inadequate Filter size
  8. Absence of heater
  9. Impulse buying
  10. Overcleaning
  11. Keeping the aquarium lights on all the time
  12. Over researching
  13. Skipping the testing step

How Can You Avoid Beginner’s Problem In The Neon Tetra Tank?

There are few tricks you can follow to avoid any problems that might occur in the future. Planning to get a neon tetra tank is one thing, getting it started is a completely different story.

Here are a few tips you might like to know before getting neon tetras or the tank.

  1. Buy the aquarium 2 to 3 weeks prior to getting the neon tetras.
  2. Get the aquarium heater, appropriate filter, testing kit, decorations, plants beforehand and set up the tank.
  3. Cycle the tank properly and let the beneficial bacteria grow in the tank before adding anything else to the tank.
  4. Get at least a 10-gallons tank for your neon tetra. Learn how many neon tetras to add in a 10-gallon tank from our previous article.
  5. Don’t keep them alone and keep at least 6 neon tetras in a school in a tank.
  6. Follow the 1-inch one-gallon rule while getting the tank for neon tetra school. Learn how many neon tetra per gallon of water from our previous article.
  7. Stick to few researches but a detailed one because little knowledge is dangerous but so is overly misleading information.
  8. Feed your neon tetras what they can eat within 2 to 3 minutes and never more than that.
  9. Keep the aquarium lights on only for 11 to 12 hours and never more than that.
  10. Test the water once in a while and change 25% of the water every or once every couple of weeks.
  11. Do not over clean the tank, do it when you see the signs asking for cleaning.

Here is an article to help and guide you about Neon Tetra: A Complete Care Guide For Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some FAQs about neon tetras you might like answers to.

Is Neon Tetra A Hardy Fish?

Yes, neon tetra is a hardy fish that can adjust to a huge range of water parameters. But they will not handle water fluctuation well, so make sure to maintain consistency.

Learn more about Are Neon Tetras Hardy Fish? Here Is What You Need To Know

Do Neon Tetras Need Light At Night?

No, Neon tetras do not need light at night and they prefer natural sunset-sunrise phenomena when it comes to lighting the tank.

12 to 14 hours of lighting per day is more than sufficient for your neon tetras.


Briefly, neon tetra is the best thing that can happen to you as a beginner. If you look around and research about neon tetra, you will always find everyone talking neon tetra being such an ideal match for beginners. And indeed, they are, they are hardy, undemanding, and overall perfect pets anyone can have. You just have to be careful to avoid some simple mistakes every beginner makes. You will do just fine.

Good Luck!

Happy Fish Keeping!!!

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