Glofish Tetra Lifespan | How Long Does Glofish Tetra Live For?

Glofish Tetra Lifespan

Every fishkeeper wants their fish to live long and thrive better in their aquarium. Either it is glofish or any other fish. To help glofish tetra to thrive in an aquarium, one should provide them proper care. Likewise, if you are keen to know more interesting information about glofish tetra and their lifespan, then this article is for you. 

Glofish tetra lives for three to five years. They can survive for more than five years if kept in favorable environmental conditions. For example, keeping them in decent tank size with a schooling fish of at least six and in favorable water parameters.

Before going on the main topic of this article. Let me give you a short piece of information about glofish tetra.

About The Glofish Tetra

Glofish tetras are colorful and gorgeous tetras that can attract anyone. This tetra tends to do best in community tanks with other non-aggressive fish, and that’s why many fish keepers like to pet them.

Glofish tetra is 2 inches in length which has a short spin with a small body structure. Glofish tetra does not have a natural-habitat i.e. they do not come from the wild. It is a hybrid that was created by scientists of Singapore for experiment purposes. 

Let me give you an overview of glofish tetra.

Diet Omnivore
pH 7.0 to 7.2
Water Temperature 72-83F
Behavior Peaceful
Minimum Tank Size 5 Gallons

Glofish Tetra Lifespan: How Long Does A GloFish Tetra Live For?

Well, the lifespan of glofish tetra can be the same as the tetra fish they are engineered from. And you play the main role in extending their lifespan and giving them comfortable life every day.

Let’s talk about the average lifespan first: Glofish tetra can live up to 3.5 years in an aquarium on average provided that they are raised in a good environment.

To be honest, the longevity of glofish tetra entirely depends on the fact how you treat and keep them in the tank.

If the water quality is optimum and the aquarium is well-maintained, your glofish tetra can live up to 5 years.

The lifespan of the glofish tetra increases as you increase the level of attention and quality of food you give them.

Who doesn’t want to have a glofish that will stay with them for a longer period without developing any health issues or diseases?

Indicator That Determines How Long Does Glofish Tetra Live 

There are mainly three factors that determine the lifespan of glofish tetra. The factors such as physical size, metabolism, and age can affect the lifespan of glofish.

Besides these factors let me discuss the three major factor that determines the survivability of glofish tetras :

Environmental indicators 

Environment indicator simply defines that the life span of glofish tetra or any other fish depends upon how you provide care for them with these following factors:

  1. Compatible tankmates
  2. Suitable tank condition
  3. Ideal temperature
  4. Accurate water parameters
  5. Clean water

Size indicator 

Size indicator defines that the lifespan of a living organism depends upon the metabolism. For instance, if the organism has slower metabolism then it can survive longer and vice versa. In the case of glofish tetra, they have a slower metabolism. So, glofish tetra lives longer.

Reproductive Indicator

The reproductive indicator defines that the fish who are live-bearers tends to die fast and those who lay egg live longer.

In this case, glofish tetra can live longer as it lays eggs. But fish like guppies, mollies can die early since they are livebearers.

What Factors Can Cause Glofish Tetras To Die?

I hope that now you have come to know that glofish tetra has slower metabolism, which expands their survivability. The lifespan of glofish depends on how you care and how you feed them. 

Many people are still disappointed that due to lack of nourishment glofish tetra die earlier than their lifespan. Some factor-like poor condition of water and tank can lead glofish to die sooner.

Here are the major factors that can cause glofish tetras to die faster:

  •  Small Sized-tank
  • Inaccurate Water Parameters
  • Unsuitable Range Of Temperature
  •  Insufficient Oxygen
  • Inappropriate Tankmates
  • Stress
  • Disease
  • Poor Diet And Feeding Habit

Ways To Help Glofish Tetra Survive Longer

I hope now you are a bit clear that the mortality rate of glofish tetra is higher than other fish and what factors can make them die sooner.

If you originate the suitable territory for the glofish tetras, they can live a bit longer. Let me give you some helpful ways to expand the lifespan of glofish tetra.

Picking Right Size Of Tank 

When glofish tetra or any other fish is kept in the small-sized tank, then it can be too small for them to swim and grow.

If your tank is small, then it can give rise to ammonia faster which creates a toxic environment inside the tank.

Because of a toxic and unstable environment, glofish tetra can become the victim of many health problems. Some of the health problems are :

  1.  Fin Rot
  2. Columnaris
  3. Stress 
  4. Underdeveloped muscles

These health problems can lead glofish to die early. Moreover, if you keep glofish tetra in a small tank with other tankmates, then they can fight for space and become more aggressive towards one another.

These activities can hurt glofish, make them feel stressed, which can eventually lead to death. So you have to choose the right size tank which can maximize the lifespan of glofish tetra.

 Right Water Condition 

Quality of water is the major factor that has an impact on glofish tetra’s lifespan. Stress and infections are some side effects of poor water conditions.

Glofish tetra or any other fish produce waste(fish poop) from their body which is collected at the bottom of the tank.

Similarly, organic matter like uneaten fish food, algae, and plant matter also gets collected at bottom of the tank and convert into ammonia.

Again this ammonia converts into nitrates. This process is called the nitrogen cycle that happens in every tank.

If you do not clean your water then, these harmful nitrates can build up in the tank in excessive amounts and cause glofish tetra to experience a slow and painful death. So, to remove these toxins from the tank, you have to regularly change the water.

 Ideal Temperature 

The ideal temperature is another key for prolonging the lifespan of glofish tetra or any other fish.

Once you know the suitable range of temperature for glofish tetra then, it can be easy to maintain the temperature of the tank.

 To manage the right temperature for the glofish tetra, you will need a thermometer and a heater.

A thermometer helps to record the temperature of the aquarium water and the heater heats the water.

Now, you have to set the heater to a suitable temperature for glofish tetra around 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this way, you have to set the accurate range of temperature and monitor it regularly with your thermometer.

 Right Diet 

Some fish need proteins, while some need greens to remain healthy. Make sure you supply your fish only those food items, they need to remain healthy.

For glofish tetra, you can feed them green vegetables like kale, broccoli, lettuce, and spinach.

Glofish tetra is an omnivorous eater. So, you can feed them both plants and meats(food items) twice a day.

The quantity of feeding is also a crucial thing to ensure sound health for glofish tetras. If you overfeed, then it can lead glofish tetra to overweight and suffer from illness.

Overfeeding also leads to polluting the tank water. Similarly, if you under-feed glofish tetras, they won’t have enough energy to swim and fight against diseases.

Underfeeding glofish tetra can cause malnutrition that eventually leads to the death of glofish tetras.

You must maintain a food schedule and must be careful about over and underfeeding. Not to forget, do not feed glofish tetra food with higher fat since it can damage the liver.

Compatible Tankmates 

Adding fish as a tankmate can make glofish tetra feel secure and prevent boredom. Nevertheless, if you keep wrong tankmates like Angelfish, Bala shark, Cichlids, then they can bully, prick with a nip, and eat each other.

You can add great tankmates for glofish tetra such as:

  • Guppies
  • Danios
  • Rasboras
  • Mollies
  • Loaches
  • Harlequin Rasboras

These tankmates are small in size, non-predators, social and peaceful who can make glofish tetras feel secure, and provide companionship.

Prevention Of Disease

Diseases are a result of something in the tank that might not be right. For instance, poor water quality, unhealthy diet, and unfavorable temperature.

These unsustainable tank conditions lead glofish tetras to fall sick and slowly experience death.

Let me give you some signs of sick glofish tetra. Sick signs help you find out that glofish tetra is not healthy and treat them as soon as possible.

Signs Of Sick Glofish Tetra

  • White spots in the body of glofish.
  • Acne in the lining of the body of glofish.
  • Sick glofish tetras float in the water.
  • Sick glofish tetras stay at only one part of the tank for a long time.
  • Bloating of the stomach.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

To treat the disease of glofish tetra, you can use medications. You can give glofish tetra antibiotic medicated food.

Another way of treating the sick glofish tetra can be treating the affecting area with tropical disinfectants.

 Reduce Stress

If you have created favorable conditions for the glofish tetras inside the tank. For example, with clean water and the right temperature, stress should not impact glofish tetras.

However, sometimes these tetras can get stressed out due to a lack of playing spots inside the tank.

Do not worry you can add decorations items like plants, toys, and hiding places, which helps glofish tetra to reduce stress. 

Do Glofish Die From Old Age?

No, glofish tetras do not die from old age neither any fish nor other animals can die from old age.

Glofish tetras lifespan depends upon the metabolism. Likewise, glofish tetras are more likely to die after a maximum of five years. Above all, glofish tetras die once they reach the end of their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions about glofish you might like answers to.

Is Glofish Hard To Keep Alive?

No, actually these glofish are quite easy to keep alive and will not give you hard time while raising them.

These glofish are quite sensitive with constant changes and fluctuation in the water parameters and might develop diseases after a while.

If you are maintaining water parameters and taking good care of their diet, then keeping them even in the community tank will be quite easy.

Can Glofish Live Alone?

Apparently, glofish are schooling fish that prefers to stay in the company of their look-alike.

So, isolating them or keeping a glofish alone in a whole tank will stress your GloFish and might end up losing the appetite and growing weak.

Loneliness and depression can make anyone loses their calm and composition and the same happens when a glofish is left alone.

They will eventually die after developing diseases and after weakening their immunity system themselves.

How Do I Know If My Glofish Is Dying?

Several signs will indicate the nearing death of your glofish so make sure you observe the behavior of your glofish closely.

Here are the signs your glofish will show when they are on the verge of death.

  1. Gasping for breath on the surface of the water.
  2. Color fading
  3. Low Respiration rate
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Change in the swimming patterns
  6. Sluggish and stays on the bottom of the tank
  7. Mentation of glofish

To Sum Up

Glofish tetras can live for a maximum of five years. For glofish tetra to live longer, one should provide a lot of nourishment and love. If you can maintain the adaptable, stable, and favorable environment for glofish tetra then, there won’t be any problem for you to keep them. Similarly, managing accurate tank condition, water parameters, tankmates, and feeding schedule can help the glofish tetras to be happy and live longer.

If you have read this article and came to understand the vital points I have certainly mentioned about glofish tetra. Then, you can take care of glofish tetra and can help them to survive longer. Happy Fish Keeping!!

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