Breeding GloFish Tetra: Can GloFish Tetra Have Babies?

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Want to know about breeding GloFish Tetra? Here is my experience with the fish.
As a fish owner, I always tried to maintain my aquarium alluring and charming to the visitors. I want my tank to become the center of attraction and topic of discussion most of the time. What is the better way to do this; if not adding fish that have all the qualities of blazing and dazzling appearance?

While looking for such brilliant species, I came across a great unique species known as GloFish. I found out that these fish are genetically enhanced fish. One of the outstanding qualities of this fish is its appearance. GloFish has a bright neon glow that scientists and researchers inserted into the DNA of the fish so that it can get flashing colors. Experts initially did this modification to test the pollution in the water, making the fish glow indicating the presence of toxic substances in the water.

From all this, it must be clear to you that GloFish is not the fish that are widely available. GloFish is a brand that breeds these genetically modified fish across various regions of the USA. You can find different breeds of this fish such as GloFish Tetra, GloFish Barb as well as GloFish Sharks.

In this article, we are going to talk about Tetra GloFish. Just like most tetras, they are adaptive to different water parameters. These fish can also live 3 to 5 years. Since the GloFish are enhanced fish, something that makes people wonder is, will they be able to breed? Can GloFish Tetra have babies? The answer is, “Yes.”

Nonetheless, you should never sell GoFish Fries to any pet stores or personal fish keepers under any circumstances. Since a patent owns these fish, GloFish have legal copyright regarding the sales of these fish. You are strictly prohibited from trading GloFish by other personnel apart from the patent itself.

Equipment You Will Require To Breed GloFish Tetra

  1. Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit
  2. Sponge Filter and Air Pump
  3. NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light
  4. Orlushy Submersible Aquarium
  5. Pawfly 4 Inch Aquarium Net Fine Mesh
  6. hygger Carbon Fiber 6 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tool Kit
  7. API Master Freshwater Test Kit

Breeding GloFish Tetra

Now that you are clear what GloFish are and if we can breed GloFish or not, there is one more important thing. The GloFish is a patent brand, and therefore, you cannot legally breed and produce them. Only the company GloFish are lawfully able to reproduce these fish and sell them.

Then, if you cannot breed them, what can you do? Legally, you cannot do anything. “Breeding GloFish Tetra and selling them is illegal.” Despite that, you cannot have full control over the nature of fish. Ergo, when you keep GloFish Tetras in a tank with both males and females, they can happen to breed. This can be absolutely unintentional.

Keep in mind that you are not able to sell any fries legally. Hence, you will need to take care of the babies as well. Nevertheless, this is not very difficult.

Further, in the article, you will know about different signs from which you can tell that your tetra GloFish are spawning.

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Breeding Signs

Most of the time, the breeding of GloFish Tetras occurs without the knowledge of the owners. When all the facilities provided by the owners are optimum, and there is no deficiency in the care of fish, they are most likely to breed.

It comes as a surprise to the owners when they see female GloFish pregnant. Once you notice this, you need to set up the spawning conditions. You should care for the adult fish or the breeding pairs by providing them with nutritional diets.

How to Identify Pregnant GloFish?

If you are curious that your tetra GloFish are laying eggs unexpectedly, you can spot a few details. Even if the GloFish are engineered species, there is no sexual dimorphism in them. Males and females share similar characteristics and hard to tell apart.

The female tetra GloFish has a round abdomen naturally. However, during spawning, the female can get curvier. The female’s abdomen gets enlarged more than they usually do. The female GloFish releases pheromones to initiate spawning behavior. The males release gonadal pheromones causing ovulation to occur. And after 2 to 3 days, you can see the females laying eggs.

Do the Tetra GloFish Fry’s colorings disappear?

The owner of the tetra GloFish is worried that if these fish breed, their colorings are not passed to the offspring. This is not true.

The glowing colors of the tetra GloFish do not disappear or fade when they give birth. In fact, babies are born with neon colors. This is because these colors are genetically planted to them, which transfers to their babies.

If you want to see the colorings of GloFish at its prime, you can install blue lightings in the tank. For my GloFish Tank, I use GloFish Cycle Light From Tetra. This light has 4 modes of colors with, white, blue, and black LED lights.

GloFish Tetra Breeding Process

It is okay if the GloFish breed accidentally. With the right conditions of your tank and the healthy nature of your fish, there is a high possibility of spawning and breeding.

The important thing that you should never forget is that you can never release them in the wild. Also, you cannot sell them and gain profits as well.

Let’s look into the step by step process to breed GloFish Tetra:

Set Up A Breeding Tank

A 10-Gallon Tank is the best-sized tank that you can use to breed small aquarium fish. The reason behind using a separate breeding tank is to separate eggs or fry from adult GloFish tetra. This is because adult tetras tend to eat their eggs or fry.

Maintain The Nitrogen Cycle Of The Tank

When you keep tetras, you need to keep the fish in at least a 10-gallon tank. Since the tetras are schooling fish, you keep them in groups of at least 5. Tetras thrive in a well-cycled tank, having stable water conditions. It goes the same with the tetra GloFish. You keep them in a tank that does not contain any ammonia and nitrites. This will also create the possibility of spawning. You can use Quick Start Nitrifying Bacteria from API to headstart your tank’s nitrogen cycle.

Maintain Right Temperature

The temperature of your tank plays an important role when it comes to fish’s health, breeding as well as treating diseases. With the correct temperature, there is a high chance of spawning. use a good quality Aquarium Heater to maintain the water temperature.

The temperature to spawn the GloFish should be 78°F.


You mostly feed your tetra GloFish with high-quality foods. This will provide them with the nutritional elements that can play a role during breeding. With a healthy diet, your tetra GloFish can breed large numbers and healthier fries.

The common foods that you can feed the fish are tubifex, frozen brine shrimps, some commercial flakes, and some daphnia.

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Buy Healthy Pairs

If you have a perfectly healthy and mature tetra GloFish in your tank, there is a great chance that they will mate. There can also be the possibility that they are already spawning without your knowledge. If you find this to be true, then you can take the necessary precautions to save the fries.

Signs of Breeding

If you notice that your tetra GloFish pairs are chasing one another, then you can say that the breeding process has begun. You can see the pairs engaged in spawning embraces.

Once you are sure that your tetras are spawning, you need to make some changes in your tank environment. You need to add substrates like marbles or river gravel at the bottom of the tank, so that parent tetras do not eat their own eggs.

Egg Fertilization

If the GloFish fairs are spawning, you can detect females laying eggs after 48 hours. The female tetra GloFish releases the eggs into the water, particularly in their spawning site. After this, the males fertilize eggs as the eggs fall into the bottom of the tank.

Once the male fertilizes the eggs, never forget to separate the parents from the tank. Otherwise, the parents tend to eat the eggs, and you not be left with any fries. You can also add a piece of craft mesh covering the bottom of the tank, so trap the eggs, which will prevent the parents from reaching the eggs.

Eggs Hatching

When you have taken all the necessary steps, you will need to wait for the eggs to hatch. The eggs will hatch within 2 to 3 days. You need to keep an eye out for the babies.

GloFish Tetra Fry Care

The fries stick mostly to the sides of the tank as they hatch. The fries are tiny, and you can barely see them.

In the first few days or weeks, the babies are very delicate, and you may need to monitor them and care for them continually. With the proper regulation diet, care, and maintenance, the fries will get stronger and grows into a healthy, bright, and beautiful adult tetra GloFish.

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Considering the fries being tiny, in initial days, you will need to feed them microorganisms and live paramecia. It will take a few more days for the fries to swim freely.

Just as the fries start to swim around the aquarium, you can feed them with commercial foods. You should never start to feed them whatever you like.

You can feed them with brine shrimp after a day or two after they hatch. Other diets can include fine powders or liquids. You need to feed them following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The fries are tiny, so make sure you do not feed them huge chunks of food. You first need to feed them micro food particles only.

Once your fries reach around two and a half weeks, you can try feeding them with flake foods. You can start to care for the fries the same as you care for the adults after a month.

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Maintaining Water Conditions

Water conditions are essential for the survival of your fries. You need to keep the right temperature, pH level, and hardness. Without these factors, your fries may not live.

Also, you also need to maintain the cleanliness of your tank. After breeding, once the fries grow, you need to provide them with a separate tank as well. The tank should have a good cycle. There should not be any trace of toxins such as ammonia and nitrites. Even the composition of nitrates should be minimal for the GloFish.

By providing all the necessary requirements, you can create a great home for your GloFish and help them thrive in the aquarium. Taking care of this means that there will be less chance for your fish to latch on to various diseases. Meaning you will have a good and healthy fish.

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It is recommended that you ought to change the tank water by about 25% to 50% every week, this is where an aquarium siphon comes in handy.. Sometimes, your water level can get evaporated so you can make add a small amount of water every week. Sometimes, your tank can get polluted due to the feeding habits of your fish, and the excretes produced by them. You will need to change the water to reduce pollution. However, when you do so, you need to neutralize the chemicals that are present in tap water.

Whenever you change the water making a partial water change; do not take out the fish. This can cause stress in the fish, and your tetras will not be able to handle it. Sometimes, even when you do the partial water change, you can still find the water a bit cloudy and dirty. When this happens, you need to conduct partial water change the next day as well.

You can always add filters to improve the water conditions in your tank. Installing filters can help you provide extra help to care for fish and maintain the condition in your tank.

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If you want to buy your first GloFish Tetra Tank, Here is what I use:


The tetra GloFish are very similar to tetra fish. The GloFish ae beautiful and colorful and create a great appeal to your aquarium. Just like tetras, the GloFish are also the shoaling fish that need to live in groups.

Following the general rule of thumb, you need to put just one GloFish tetra per gallon of tank space. Just like tetras, the GloFish tetras are also hardy fish. These fish adapt to different water parameters. Therefore, it will make any fish keeper’s job very easy. Even for a beginner fish keeper, you will have no problem with breeding GloFish Tetra and to provide GloFish with all the necessary care.

With little effort and attention, you will be able to raise a healthy, happy GloFish that can bring out the best in your aquarium.

I hope that this article helped you understand more about GloFish and hope you have a great time housing them. You can always ask for an expert opinion regarding this matter to know in detail about the GloFish.


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