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Are Glofish Tetras Aggressive? Are They Fighting Or Playing?

Are Glofish Tetras Aggressive?

If you follow Glofish Tetras more than any other species, you will agree that they have gentle behavior with attractive appearances. Also, they behave well with their tank mates without harming or bullying them. However, some fishkeepers doubt that the Glofish Tetras get unusually aggressive. So, are Glofish Tetras typically aggressive? Or is it an … Read more

How To Kill A Dying Tetra Humanely?

Kill a Dying Tetra Humanely

If you are reading this, you’re probably wondering how you can part farewell to your tetra buddy without giving it much pain. I know it is tough to watch your lovely pet fish suffer. You have given your all. But still, your Tetra is not bodrum escort breathing around and not eating or playing like … Read more

Why Is My Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying?

Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying

You just bought some beautiful Cardinal Tetras to keep in your tank. The next day, you find them floating upside down in your tank; they’re all dead. Time and again, you find your Cardinal Tetras dying for no reason. “What’s wrong? Why do my Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying?” you ask yourself. To help you understand … Read more