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Tetra Fry Care – How to Care for Baby Tetras?

school of baby tetras| Tetra Fry Care

Tetras are freshwater tropical fish that require certain water conditions to thrive. In the wild, the water in the rivers and streams is constantly flowing. Due to this, the water parameters such as temperature, pH level, hardness, etc. adjust according to the change in the climates. Similarly, tetras breed in the rainy season in the … Read more

How to Clean a Tetra Fish Tank? [Step-by-Step]

planted aquarium | clean a tetra fish tank

Many individuals prefer to house fish as a pet to gain some kind of hype in their home décor. If you have a well-sustained aquarium, it can present itself as a center of attraction for visitors. The plus point of keeping aquarium that I can say as an owner myself is that it can enhance … Read more

Tetra Fish Diseases and Treatments

Neon Tetra Disease NTD

Due to the vibrant color and non-aggressive nature Tetra are among the most popular fishes among fish keepers. Aquarist has categorized Tetra as a schooling fish because they prefer to live in a community. They are always recommended to be kept in a school of 10 to 15 fishes of the same kind. By nature, … Read more

Tetra Fish Diet | What do Tetra Fish Eat: A Complete Guide

tetra fish diet

If you are an owner of an aquarium having varieties of fish, you must be familiar with tetra fish. Tetras are very common fish for home aquariums, and most fish enthusiasts prefer these fish because tetras are very easy to care for. There are almost 700 species of known tetras, and all the different tetras … Read more