10 Awesome Congo Tetra Tank Mates

Congo tetra tank mates

When you ought to get any tetra fish, you want to include a few more varieties of fish along with them. So, the main question is, which fish are awesome tank mates for Congo tetra? What are the factors that make any fish an ideal choice as tank mates for Congo Tetra?

Congo tetra can live happily with other tetras like Cardinal tetra, neon tetra, glowlight tetra, mollies, guppies, etc. As these fish are similar in nature as Congo tetra and can live in the same water conditions, they will make great tank mates.

Factors like fish temperament, water condition, body size, etc. determine which fish can live with Congo tetra in the same tank.

Before you decide to mix fish variety, you need to know which of them are compatible with Congo tetras.

So, let us start the journey to learn about Congo tetra tank mates.

Congo Tetra: An Overview

You need to know about Congo tetra briefly before you learn about their tank mates. Since, Nature and water requirements of Congo Tetra decides their ideal tank mates.

You need to keep in mind the following requirements that aid in further inquiries:

Temperature  73 °F to 82 °F
pH  6 to 6.5
Temperament Peaceful Schooling fish
General hardness 3 to 18 dGH
Size 3 to 3.25 inches
School size more than 6 members
Lifespan 3 to 5 years
Diet Omnivores
Tank Size 40 Gallons

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What Are The Factors That Decides The Best Tank Mates Of Congo Tetra?

Few factors not only help you decide what you need to do for your condo tetra but also aids in the journey to search for their ideal tank mates.

Similar Temperament Of Tank Mates

You cannot give an aggressive fish with fish that prefer a peaceful environment. Hence, the different dynamics in nature results in chaos in the environment and unwanted violence among fish.

Congo tetra is a peace-loving peace and can barely go along with the fish that are aggressive and dominating.

And any fin nipping fish can destroy the beautiful fins present in male Congo tetra. Fish that are aggressive and fin-nippers can act like a bully to these Congo tetras.

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Size Of Tank Mates

Larger fish, as we know, devour the small fish as their prey. So, it is clever and wise to go for fish with the same temperament and similar size.

Congo tetras are scared and stressed when larger fish is present in the tank. So, either the larger fish will kill them, or the stress larger fish bring will.

Either way, the risk for Congo tetras with fish of different sizes than them in the same tank is way high.

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Water Condition Requirements For Tank Mates

It is as simple as keeping a polar bear with a camel in the same zoo. You can not do that; you can’t keep two different animals with different needs in the same place and expect a better outcome.

The same thing goes with the fish with different tank needs. Congo tetras are warm-water fish and survive in temperatures between 73 to 82 °F. That’s why you can’t keep cold water fish with them.

And also, the fish that prefer alkaline water can’t keep up with these acidic water-loving fish.

Here you have your answer. Water conditions play a vital role to decide which fish goes with Congo tetras.

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10 Awesome Tank Mates Of Congo Tetra

Well, here you are, finally, where you will know the 10 best tank mates your Congo tetra can have:

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Cardinal Tetra

Size 2 inches max
Temperature 79 to 82 °F
pH 6 to 7
Care Level Beginner

First and foremost, you can always have another tetra in the same tank. And when it is cardinal tetra with Congo tetra, it guarantees to have a beautiful and colorful tank. Hence, the cardinal tetra tops the list of the best tank mates for Congo tetra.

Cardinal tetra and Congo tetra are both fish-loving fish and prefer the same water conditions. Even the ideal temperature and pH range are the same in their case.

These two tetras are like peas in a pod. There is no doubt why cardinal tetra tops the list as tank mates for Congo tetra.

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Neon Tetra

Size 1.5 to 2 inches
Temperature 69 to 79 °F
pH 5 to 7.5
Care Level Beginner

Neon tetra follows the steps of cardinal tetra wherever they go. So, if cardinal tetra is an ideal choice for Congo tetra tank mates, how can neon tetras be left behind and hence, becomes the second-best choice for Congo Tetra as tank mates.

Both Congo tetras and neon tetras are schooling fish, so all you have to do is manage a tetra tank and get an ideal school for both of them.

You will have a beautiful, active, and colorful tank in no time as both tetras are known for their variance in color and active swimming.

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Glowlight Tetra

Size 1.5 inches
Temperature 74 °F to 82 °F
pH 5.8 to 7.5
Care Level Beginner

These small tetras are easy-going and peaceful, making themselves an ideal candidate for tank mates of Congo tetras thus the third tetra following the very list of tank mates.

You can get more details about the Glowlight Tetra Profile from our Beginners Guide.

Glowlight tetra is very easy to care for and very pretty to look at. Their addition to the tank will only make the Congo tetra tank more beautiful and attractive.

Both tetras, although, need a separate school but shows no issues with each other being in the same tank.

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Size 0.6 to 2.5 inches
Temperature 78 °F to 82 °F
pH 7 to 7.2
Care Level Beginner

When can a rainbow fish with a peaceful temperament go wrong for Congo Tetra Tank? Guppies are one of the most famous and beautiful fish you can keep in your tank.

So, say Hi to the fourth-best tankmate for your Congo Tetra, Hi Guppies!!!

Even the origin of both guppies and Congo tetra is the same, making them thrive in the same environment even in captivity.

You do not even have to empty your wallet as guppies are so inexpensive. Moreover, you will have a colorful tank on a very low budget.

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Size 4.5 inches
Temperature 72 °F to 78 °F
pH 6.7 to 8.5
Care Level Beginner

The preference for mollies in the tank is way popular, and we can’t argue against it. They deserve this recognition as these mollies are very peaceful and social.

Hence, thanks to their nature, they become the sixth-best choice for Congo Tetra, let’s welcome mollies to the club.

The varieties in the size and type of mollies make it easier to pick one of them according to your tank and preference.

Mollies have a way to mirror the nature of their tank mates. If you keep aggressive fish with them, they will turn out to be aggressive too.

So, peaceful fish like Congo tetra can be easily compatible and okay with mollies in the same tank.


Size 3 inches
Temperature 70 to 75 °F
pH 6.8 °F to 8
Care Level Beginner

You ought to want fish that can add more vibrant color and glow to the tank. And well, platy tends to do that for you.

Hence, making the Congo Tetra tank more beautiful with platies helps these platies to enter the list of awesome tank mates.

Platy not only comes in various color but also need no school giving more space to Congo tetras in the tank.

Moreover, 2 or 3 platies in a group or say the school can be perfect for these fish and are way easy to care for.

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They are active and swimmers that prefer to swim around the middle section of the tank so they won’t affect Congo tetras.

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Dwarf Cichlids

Size 3 to 3.5 inches
Temperature 72 °F to 86 °F
pH 7.8 to 9
Care Level Beginner

Unlike other cichlids, dwarf cichlids do not destroy plants and substrate, possibly because they are peaceful fish.

So, here let’s welcome and thanks to the nature of Dwarf Cichlids for making them ideal tank mates for Congo tetra.

They are known for their calmness and laziness too. These cichlids do not swim much, meaning that they need less space in the tank.

And like other cichlids, these dwarfs have all the other interesting traits. These calm, inactive, and peaceful fish are, therefore, ideal mates for Congo tetra in the tank.


Size 6 inches and larger
Temperature 65 °F to 79 °F
pH 6 to 8 based on their types
Care Level Beginner

Except for aggressive barbs like tiger barbs, there are other types of barb fish you can choose from.

These schooling fish are peaceful, and small varieties of barbs make good tank mates for Congo tetras thus 8th one in the list.

Barbs are, unlike dwarf cichlids, active in nature, so it is better to go for barbs that are similar in size to Congo tetras.

Corydoras Catfish

Size 1.5 inches
Temperature 74 °F to 80 °F
pH 7 to 8
Care Level Beginner

These Corydoras fish belongs to the catfish family and generally prefer to live in the bottom of the freshwater tank.

Moreover, they are non-territorial and peaceful fish making themselves ideal tankmates for Congo tetras as well as the 9th member of the list.

Besides, you do not have to put any effort into taking care of them as they sit on the bottom of the tank scavenging for food all day long.

These catfish have some kind of superpower to stay motionless in a single spot for hours. Additionally, Corydoras are known for their shy nature that keeps them away from Congo tetras most of the time.

Harlequin Rasboras Fish

Size 2 inches
Temperature 72 °F to 79 °F
pH 5 to 7
Care Level Beginner

Rasboras are quite known for their compatible and peaceful nature. Hence, they are bound to be ideal tank mates for Congo Tetras and wow our 10th member.

And if you are looking for color diversity, then this is the best option to go for. Your tank will look delightfully beautiful with the addition of shiny, metallic appearing Rasboras fish along with Congo tetra.

They also swim around the surface and middle area but will not disturb Congo tetra.

Worst Tank Mates Of Congo Tetra

You should not keep your Congo tetras with aggressive fin nippers as stress can result in sickness and death.

So, here are some of the worst tankmates for Congo tetra that you must avoid:

Tiger Barbs

Of all the barbs, tiger barbs are the worst kind you can get for your Congo tetra. They are aggressive so, you need to keep these barbs and Congo Tetras as far as possible.


Bettas prefer to live alone and get aggressive when any other fish come around their territory. So, Congo tetra cannot live together with these bettas as they prefer a peaceful environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Congo Tetra Aggressive?

No, Congo tetras are generally peaceful fish and easily bullied by larger fish in the tank.

Does Congo Tetra Have Teeth?

Yes, like any other tetras, Congo tetra has impressive teeth as well.

Is Congo Tetra Fin Nippers?

Yes and No. No, as Congo tetras do not nip fins of other fish. And Yes, as they nip the fin of their own shoal when something stresses them, crowds the tank, or narrows the space.

How Long Does Congo Tetra Live?

Congo tetras live for 3 to 5 years in captivity, but the life expectancy may vary according to the tank conditions.


Briefly, you need to be careful what tank companion you choose for your fish. One wrong choice can change the whole dynamic of the aquarium. You need to keep your Congo tetra with their ideal tank mates rather than any fish you wish to pet. Research thoroughly before diving into any conclusion, because some dives lead to the depth of issues you do not prefer.

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