Albino Glowlight Tetra – Everything You Need To Know About

Albino glowlight tetra

Glowlight Tetras are one of the most amazing breeds among the tetra fish. These breeds are beautiful, delighting, and amazing to blend in with other fish in your aquarium. They are cheaper and are commonly available in almost every fish store. Among them, Albino Glowlight Tetras are the most unique breeds.

The Albino Glowlight Tetras are so unique and amazing that they would make a wonderful addition to your aquarium. This article will tell you in detail about Albino Glowlight Tetras, how to take care of them, what they eat, and much more. You will likewise learn many more interesting facts and realities about these fish.

Origin of Albino Glowlight Tetra

The Albino Glowlight Tetra is basically the ‘Albino’ form of the Glowlight Tetra. The Glowlight Tetra was originated in the Essequibo basin in Guyana. The line-bred color form of the glowlight tetra was the Albino Glowlight Tetra which was found in Essequibo, Mazaruni and, Potaro Rivers in South America. These rivers are stained with tannins from plant matter rot that make them naturally delicate, soft, and acidic.

The Albino Glowlight Tetra is scientifically known as Hemigrammus erythrozonus sp. Albino. The fish belong to the genus Hemigrammus. However, scientists are still having a debate about whether they should move the glowlight tetra to the genus Cheirodon.

Lifespan How many Years Do They Live?

The average lifespan of the Albino Glowlight Tetra is between 2 to 4 years. However, if you take good care of your tetra fish and keep it in good condition, it can live up to 5 years.

Interesting Fact: If a fish lay eggs, it tends to live a longer life in comparison to others who do not.

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Albino Glowlight Tetra Appearance

If you ask me, I’ll say that the Albino Glowlight Tetra is the “Back from the Dead” version of the Glowlight Tetra.

As for its appearance, the fish has a translucent, silvery colored body divided by an iridescent red-gold stripe running from its snout to the base of its tail. Its stripe seems as if it is the filament of a light bulb. The exact iridescent color is present on the leading edge of the fin; however, the anal and pelvic fins are edged in white.

The average size of the Albino Glowlight Tetra is about 1.6 at an approximate. However, it can grow at a maximum of 2 inches. The Albino Tetras are notably larger than both the Neon Tetras and the Cardinal Tetras.

Gender Differences

Generally, females of every tetra have a slightly larger body than males. Similarly, the female Albino Glowlights have a larger body and a rounded plumped belly than the males. Whereas, the males are smaller and slimmer than the females.

Albino Glowlight Behavior

The Albino Glowlight Tetras are one of the great starter fish for beginner aquarists. They are peaceful and easy to care for.

As for their behavior, the Albino Glowlights are non-aggressive. They are quite active; and sometimes not! You will find your Albino Glowlights swimming around the aquarium with the Albino group and a couple of minutes later you will find them lying on the right side of the aquarium doing nothing. So, it’s quite hard to tell if these species are active or not!

These fish are maybe kind of the introvert version of the Tetra family. Though these tetras are shoaling species, they don’t find the companies of other species comfortable. They enjoy the company of their kind. Quite fascinating right!

Are Albino Glowlight Tetras Aggressive?

As said earlier, the Albino Glowlight Tetras are not aggressive at all. They are the kind of species who enjoys the company of their kind. If kept in groups, you can see them becoming more active and exhibiting a much broader range of natural behaviors.

Are Glowlight Tetras Fin Nippers?

No, not at all! The Albino Glowlights are so peaceful and non-violent. Unlike the Neon Tetras, the Albino Glowlights can be kept with the fish with larger fins like the Angelfish, Bettas, and many more. Though being slightly larger than the Neon Tetras, these species are not so bossy at all!

Fishkeeping Difficulty

The Albino Glowlight Tetras are the most peaceful and ideal community fish. If you are a beginner aquarist and want to add something new in your fish tank, the Albino Glowlight can be the best choice for you. These species are very easy to care for.

However, the breeding process for these species is somewhat challenging.

How Many Albino Glowlight Tetras Should I Get?

As the Albino Glowlights are schooling species, you must keep them in a group of at least four to eight. These species are usually kept in a group of half-dozen or more. Keeping them in groups helps the Albino Tetras to feel more secure as these species find it more comfortable with their kind.

You can see your Albino Glowlights swimming with their groups every time they sense a predator in the aquarium. And, these species proceed to swim more freely when they feel secure.


Though the Albino Glowlights do quite well in community tanks, these species enjoy a company of their kind rather than the other species. However, you can keep them with other fish that are non-aggressive like the Albino Glowlight itself, glowlight tetra, neon tetra, and so on. The Albino tankmates may include other small tetras, barbs, danios, and peaceful loaches.

Can Glowlight Tetras Live With Bettas?

Bettas are one of the most popular fish species and are seen in most community tanks as well. These species are quite aggressive and may show some aggressive behavior when kept in community tanks. However, they can be kept with the Albino Glowlight Tetras as the tetra fish will be able to outswim the bettas every time they try to attack the tetras.

If you want to blend your Albino Glowlights with some betta fish, you might want to make hiding spots for your fish. Also, you should keep your Albino Tetras in a group of at least 8 so that the tetras can feel more secure and comfortable in the aquarium.

Can I Mix My Albino Glowlight Tetras With Other Species Of Tetras?

Yes, of course, you can mix your albino glowlights with other tetras! Generally, fish school together for protection as they find it safer in groups. As of the glowlight tetras, they usually find it comfortable schooling with the species of their own kind. One reason for this is that the tetras are best adapted to working with their species to form a school. Another reason may be similar-looking fish. If fish resemble one another closely, they find it comfortable to swim together in groups.

However, there are some species of tetras that are not suitable for blending like the Serpae tetra, Blue tetra, Black widow, Red-eye tetra, and White spot tetra. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the quite aggressive ones like the Neon Tetras.

Albino Glowlight Tetra Habitat And Care

The Albino Glowlight Tetras were first originated in Essequibo, Mazaruni and, Potaro Rivers that are stained with tannins from plant matter rot making them naturally delicate, soft, and acidic.

Since these species are more comfortable in a habitat that is similar to their native condition, you can start with a darkened tank. You can add tannins to soften and darken the water. Also, keep lots of floating plants and provide lots of vegetation in your aquarium. This might make your fish tank look more natural to your fish!

As for the ideal water condition for the Albino Glowlights, you must keep the water temperature between 74°F to 82°F. Keep the pH level above 5.8 and below 7.5 and maintain soft to slightly hard water ranging from 6 dGH to 15 dGH.

Diet And Feeding

Albino Glowlights are omnivorous so they will eat all types of food; be it a meaty diet or plant matter. However, you must make sure to feed small pieces of food to your fish and maintain a varied diet so they get all the nutrients they need. Particularly, the tetras enjoy flakes, freeze-dried and frozen food, in addition, to live foods like small larvae, fresh brine shrimp, and so on.

The Glowlight tetras rarely eat the food that has fallen to the bottom of the tank, so you might want to feed these species in small quantities frequently instead of large feedings at a time. This saves up time for unnecessary tank cleanings and less inactive fish.

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Tank Setup

As the Glowlight Tetras are schooling fish, you must keep at least 6 to 8 tetras in a tank. Also, these species grow quite larger than the normal cardinal tetras so you will probably need a fish tank of at least 10-gallon for them.

This may seem surprising but albino glowlights can survive in an aquarium without a filter. However, you wouldn’t want to grow bacteria and create surface agitation, would you? So, it is better if you install a filter in your tank to filter the water of your fish tank. You must install a heater for your aquarium to regulate the water temperature as the albino glowlights need a temperature of 74 to 82 degrees.

As for the substrate, you can use any darker colored substrate like marbles or dark gravels. Try adding floating plants for the finishing touch.

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The Albino Glowlights are readily available and not usually expensive. You can find these species in your nearest aquarium stores or you can even order them online.


Breeding the Albino Tetras can be quite challenging for beginner aquarists. You should keep a separate breeding tank with soft water of no more than 6 dGH. You can add peat to your tank to soften the water. Maintain the water temperature in the range of 78 to 82 degrees and a pH level of 5.5 to 7.0. Plant the tank with fine-leafed plants and keep low lighting in the breeding tank.

Maintain a varied diet and provide your glowlights three to five small feedings per day. If the female glowlights get very plump, transfer her and the male in the breeding tank. The spawning will occur on the following day. When the pair is ready to spawn, the male will start flicking his fins and shimmies near the female. Both the pair will then move on their backs. Then, the female ejects her eggs and the male fertilizes them. If no spawning behavior is shown, try starting from the first again.

A regular spawning will produce between 100 to 150 eggs. Since the parents are more likely to eat the eggs, you must separate them as soon as the spawning process is complete. The fry will probably take 20 to 25 hours to hatch. Feed the fry with crushed flakes and rotifers. You can add micro worms to their diet after some days.

Note: Be sure to keep your breeding tank well planted or else it may result in unfertilized eggs.

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Albino Glowlight Tetra Disease

The Albino Tetras are not likely to suffer from any disease as long as it is provided with a healthy tank condition. The outbreak of disease can often be limited to just a few fish due to their recovering capacity. However, if the tank condition is quite unstable, the glowlights are likely to die off very quickly.

You must be aware that your albinos are kept with healthy tankmates. The Neon Tetra disease, which was first diagnosed in the Neon Tetras, can eventually affect many other species. So, it is better if you quarantine your newly bought species before blending them with your albino glowlights.

Note: Always isolate your sick fish before it gets worse. You can try using antibiotic feeding for your weak fish frequently.

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Tetras are amazingly one of the popular choices for most aquarists. They are so easy to take care of and do not need any extra requirements than a normal fish. You can choose a specific tetra fish for your aquarium as there are so many types of tetra fish in the tetra family.

If you are a zombie fan, then the Albino Glowlight Tetras can be the perfect choice for you. The Albino Glowlights are so unique and so different from the other species. It looks as if you’re rearing a ghost version of the glowlight fish in your tank. You can even put your fish tank with albino glowlights for a scary Halloween party theme!


Are Albino Glowlight Tetras Lazy?

Albino Glowlights are not usually lazy. They just need more space and more of their own kind to feel safe and active.

Are my Glowlight Tetras fighting or mating?

There is one way to find out if your tetras are fighting or mating. If they are fighting, one that feels threatened is likely to hide or stay in a corner. The weaker fish is more likely to isolate itself from others.

Why is my Tetra losing its color?

The tetra fish is likely to lose its color if it is stressed out. This may be due to a change in the water condition or due to very few plantings in the aquarium. Keep your aquarium well planted and maintain stability in the water condition.

Why are my Albino Tetras dying?

Albino Glowlights, though being a hardy fish, are very delicate and susceptible to sudden changes in the water conditions and temperature. If your Glowlights are dying, you should monitor the water parameters. Also, isolate your sick fish. You can try adding antibiotics to maintain good water quality.

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