What Do Ember Tetra Eggs Look Like?

Do you know what Ember Tetra eggs look like? If not, you’re in luck.

Ember Tetra eggs are a type of fish eggs that looks white and translucent. They are spherical-shaped eggs that ember tetras will most probably scatter all over the aquarium.

In this article, we’ll answer the question of What Do Ember Tetra Eggs Look Like? We will also go over where they lay their eggs and how many eggs they lay.

If you have more questions about what ember tetra fish is like, please read on! You may be surprised at all that there is to learn about ember tetras!

What Do Ember Tetra Eggs Look Like?

Ember tetras are egg-scatterers, hence it can be quite hard to find eggs in the tank. Look for the small, clear, whitish, or yellowish balls of jelly which are quite tiny yet round enough.

It won’t give you hard time once you start to notice them in the tank. You just have to get used to the shape and size of eggs along with the color.

Where Does Ember Tetra Lay Eggs?

Ember tetras will scatter eggs on rocks, plants, and gravel, to be precise all over the tank. They might also attach the eggs to aquatic plants or other hard surfaces of the tank as well. Where they are laid depends on how many there are in a spawning event; since some species do not have any preferences for where they lay eggs.

How Many Eggs Does Ember Tetra Lay?

There is no specific number that they lay per spawning episode which often last for about two hours or more but are variable from one pair of fish to another.

You might get lucky enough and find more eggs in the tank but this is not a common occurrence. Ember tetras lay around 20 to 40 eggs per spawning event.

It can be hard to find the eggs in the first place let alone count their numbers. They will not even be in a cluster to be noticeable enough to have a rough idea about the number.

Will Ember Tetra Eat Its Eggs?

Yes, they will eat their eggs and it is quite a common occurrence. This is neither intentional nor do they know what they are doing.

Your ember tetra will eat anything that fits in their mouth. Hence, their own eggs are no exception.

If they find eggs in the tank while swimming around, there is a 90% chance that they will eat it up.

That’s why it is better to separate the parents ember tetras from eggs as soon as male ember tetras fertilize the eggs. Breeding tetra fish is a wholesome task itself, I don’t think you want to risk one success over petty thing.

How To Save Ember Tetra Eggs?

The best way to save the ember tetras eggs is to transfer the big fish present in the tank to another tank.

Make sure to keep a separate fry tank to keep these ember tetras eggs as well as the fry that will hatch from eggs after a while.

The best way to save the ember tetra eggs is by taking care of them in an incubator or a fry tank.

One of the best ways to save your egg is by catching them after they are laid and put in a safe container like a small cup or jar with water inside it, away from any light sources.

After you’ve caught the eggs, make sure that there’s enough air for them to breathe and by tapping the container to move water around.

This way, you will have a chance of saving some eggs in case  some other fish eat them or they die on their own because of a long period without any contact with air.

You can put them inside an aquarium that has good aeration but not too much light as well if you don’t want to keep them in a jar or small cup.

How Long Does It Take For Ember Tetra Eggs To Hatch?

Ember tetras eggs will hatch from 24 to 36 hours at most. This depends on the fact that where your ember tetra laid the egg(in open water, inside plants).

The eggs are very fragile and need a lot of care. It advise you to put them in the fry tank as soon as possible after they have hatched. This way you can save some of them before some other fish eats them or they die inside the tank.

You need to keep the air and water in the fry tank clean because they will feed on bacteria and organic matter that is present.

Ember tetras eggs are very tiny, but it’s worth taking care of them so you can have a lot more fish to enjoy!

Don’t forget you have to take care of tetra fry as well, so don’t mess with the tank water parameters even after the eggs are all done hatching.


In conclusion, ember tetra eggs are small, clear, and whitish or yellowish balls of jelly. It is very difficult to find the eggs in a tank unless they are close to each other. The number of eggs that hatch also varies from one spawning event to another.

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