How Many Ember Tetras Can I Put In A 15-Gallon Tank?

Ember Tetras are freshwater fish that you can find in Central and South America. They are a popular choice for aquariums because they’re colorful, easy to care for and look good with other fish. This article will provide you with the information you need on how many Ember Tetras you can put into your 15-gallon tank.

Ember tetras are less than an inch in size; that’s why you can keep nearly 10 to 12 ember tetras in the 15-gallon tank. But, of course, Ember Tetras are schooling fish, so the number you put into your tank will depend on the size of their school too.

The minimum tank size for Ember Tetras is 10 gallons since these tetras like to swim at the top but don’t need a lot of space.

This article will discuss the number of ember tetras you can keep in the 15-gallon tank.

How Many Ember Tetras Can I Put In A 15-gallon Tank?

Since Ember Tetras are schooling fish, the number of ember tetras you can put in your 15-gallon tank depends on how many they are in a school.

You could keep up to 12 with some space left over for plants and decor. However, the minimum number of ember tetra fish in a 15-gallon tank is six to eight.

An experienced aquarist can even keep nearly 15 to 20 ember tetras in the single 15-gallon tank.

Minimum Tank Size for Ember Tetras

The minimum tank size for ember tetra fish is a ten-gallon aquarium. However, it’s best to keep them in larger tanks.

They are schooling fish and need more space to swim at top speed without bumping into each other too much. In the 15-gallon tank, you can keep 12 ember tetras.

When choosing the number you want to keep, it’s important to consider their school size. There should be at least one inch or more between each Ember Tetra due to their size.

What Happens If You Overstock Your Ember Tetras Aquarium?

If you’re planning to keep more than 12 ember tetras in your 15-gallon tank, then they must be a minimum of one inch apart. If the school is larger and there is less space between them, some might constantly be bumping into each other, leading to aggression or illness.

Low oxygen levels in the tank because of too many fish can also lead to illness.

Remember that Ember Tetras are not very aggressive and won’t start fighting with each other unless they’re overcrowded or hungry.

Ember Tetra Housing Requirements In 15-Gallon Tank

Ember tetra fish have specific housing requirements. They need a tank with at least ten gallons of water, a lot of room to swim, and adequate filtration for the aquarium.

Their environment needs to be hardy so that they can live in it comfortably and thrive. Ember Tetras are very sensitive; they will not survive if you don’t provide the right environment.

Water Temperature:

It’s best to keep a consistent temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for these tetras. They are tropical fish and need warmer temperatures to thrive. Plus, it will make them more active than they would be at colder temperatures. If you use a heater with your tank, remember that the higher the temperature, the more energy your tetras will use.

Water Hardness:

Ember Tetras are freshwater fish and need water with low levels of hardness. To keep them healthy, you should consider using RO/DI water or softened tap water with less than 100 parts per million (PPM). This is because they are susceptible to the salt levels in the water.

Water pH:

To keep your Ember Tetras healthy, you should use a pH of at least six and no higher than seven. This will make them less susceptible to disease and more active because it can affect their metabolism.

Filtration & Aeration:

Ember Tetra fish need high levels of filtration and aeration. They are susceptible to water quality in their environment, so you must provide adequate filters for this type of school size or higher; a good filter system with an air stone will work just as well.


They enjoy dim levels of lighting. So, they also like to be able to hide and rest in their environment.


These tetra fish thrive when you provide them with sturdy aquarium gravel or sand around one inch deep on the bottom of their tank.


It’s best to use live plants in the 15-gallon tank since they will help maintain a healthy environment and cover your fish. That way, you can have more than six ember tetras at once without worrying about them bumping into each other too often or not getting enough oxygen. In addition, they enjoy a lot of shade, so they choose plants accordingly.

Rocks & Decor:

You can also use rocks and decor to make the environment more appealing for your tetra fish. Still, you should only do this if there is enough space left over in the tank after providing an adequate substrate, or else they will be cramped with too many decorations.

Tank Mates:

It is not recommended to keep other types of fish in the 15-gallon tank with Ember Tetras because they are schooling fish and need a lot of space. They will prefer to be by themselves or with their schoolmates than any other type of fish in your aquarium. You can, however, put shrimp or other invertebrates in the tank with them.


In conclusion, you can keep nearly 12 to 15 Ember Tetras in a tank of at least 15 gallons. If you want to keep more than this, it’s best to upgrade the size of your aquarium or get another one altogether. The tetra fish have specific housing requirements and will need plenty of space for their school members and other types of fish if they are the only schoolmate.

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