How Long Can Ember Tetra Go Without Food?

Most of us have to take occasional trips and vacations, and we always worry about our Ember Tetra while we’re gone. Have you ever thought about what your fish will do when they don’t have food? Will they die? What if my pet fish can’t go without food for too long? The good news is that you can do a few things before you leave that will help your fish stay healthy! How Long Can Ember Tetra Go Without Food?

You can only leave your ember tetra unattended for 1 to 2 weeks. Moreover, do not take more than that to feed them as they can catch various diseases. The immunity is directly connected with their food cycle.

What Should You Do Before Leaving Your Ember Tetra For A Trip?

You should do a lot of things before leaving your ember tetra for a trip. As you need that free time, the ember tetra also needs care. You can do the following to make sure they are safe.

Water Changes

You can change the water before you go on a trip. It will help you to get the stress out of the ember tetra. You can change 20% of the water every week and you should also check if there is some kind of debris floating on the surface.

Cleaning the Filter

You need to clean your filter before leaving for a trip or else it will be too dirty which spreads bacteria all over your aquarium and start polluting it. It may even result in fish death as well so, make sure that they are cleaned properly before going away from home.

Remove Decaying Matter & Debris

You have to remove any dead leaves or decayed plant parts from the tank because these elements produce anaerobic gases such as methane which might cause toxicity issues with Ember Tetras, especially when combined with deficient oxygen levels inside their environment during a power outage.

You can use driftwood to be safe from ammonia. The toxic chemical comes from this debris and decayed matter.

Slightly Lower The Water Temperature

You need to slightly lower the water temperature of your Ember Tetra aquarium before you leave for a trip because they are tropical fish and therefore, cannot survive in a cold climate which might even cause their death if not taken care of properly.

Don’t Overfeed Your Loaches Before Leaving

It is advisable that don’t overfeed your loaches before leaving them alone at home as this may spread toxins all around the tank due to food decays inside it when left unattended leading to fish death. That will only put more pressure on you while away from home so, try avoiding it by reducing feeding times or giving less amount of food than usual during trips.

Aquarium Lights on Timer

You can also set a timer for your aquarium lights before going away from home because the light may break down and that will result in fish death as well.

Should You Use An Automatic Fish Feeder?

On the other hand, you should consider using an automatic fish feeder if you want to take maximum care of Ember Tetras so they survive even when left unattended at home for longer trips or vacations as this is one of those necessary things which are needed to be done before leaving them alone.

However, it all depends upon how long do you have been gone from home but never forget about checking your pet every once in a while just to make sure everything is fine with their environment including hunger levels inside the tank.

Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder is a Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder with USB Charger Cable, Fish Food Dispenser for Ember tetra Aquarium or Fish Tank.

How About Vacation Feeder/Pyramid?

You can also buy a vacation feeder which contains food in it and when you press the button, it will dispense some amount of fish food every day continuously for about 20 days or more depending upon your choice as well.

This is another better option if you are going out from home for a longer period but don’t forget to check on them once or twice a week just in case something goes wrong with their environment while away from home because they might get sick too due to improper care during trips.

For small fish like ember tetra, API 16 Pack of Weekend Pyramid Fish Feeders, 0.35 Ounces Each, Vacation Fish Food is the best option in the market.

How Long Can Ember Tetra Baby Fry Live Without Food?

Well, Ember Tetra Baby Fry can live without food for about two weeks or more but it all depends upon the weather condition of that particular place you are living in.

For example, if it is winter and the temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit then they might die due to low body temperatures so make sure their environment is warm enough before going away from home even for a short period.


How Often Should I Feed My Ember Tetra?

You should feed your ember tetras once every day as this will keep them healthy because excess feeding may cause water pollution which can be dangerous sometimes leading to fish death to depending on how much time do you spend at home each day with your pets also make sure that there are no leftovers of food floating around the tank at all.

Do Ember Tetra Eat Algae?

Ember tetras do eat algae because they like to feed on them. That is why you should try adding some live plants into their environment as well if possible for them to survive in a healthy environment during trips or vacations away from home.


In conclusion, there are several things which you need to do before leaving your ember tetra fish alone including cleaning up everything properly. No decaying matter can remain inside the aquarium. You should also change the water once every four days but don’t change more than 25% of its total volume each time.

Just keep an eye on your pet especially hunger levels inside the tank along with checking other important factors which you require for ember tetra fish to survive.

Ember Tetras can go without food for up to two weeks under the right conditions. But I do not recommend that you let them do that if possible. It’s best to feed your Ember Tetra once a day or every other day depending on how often you get around to checking in on them while away from home.

If fed less, they may eat algae and plants growing inside of their tank instead of dying off completely due to starvation. Automatic fish feeders are another great option when going out of town because they will dispense food continuously over an extended period of time so your Ember Tetra does not starve during trips or vacations away from home even though it might be good.

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