Do Ember Tetras Need an Air Pump?

The air pump is an essential piece of aquarium equipment for many hobbyists, but it’s not always necessary. In fact, some fish have evolved to use other sources of oxygen in their habitats. But do ember tetras need an air pump?

Yes and No. Ember Tetras need some oxygen, but their environment in the wild and the aquarium will have an adequate supply without an air pump. However, the volume of air bubbles released from an air pump or air stone will help provide more dissolved oxygen into your aquarium for these fish.

You may also use a filter to produce additional levels to ensure a high turnover rate.

This article will explore the best ways to produce oxygen in your ember tank and provide tips on maintaining a sufficient level without spending money on an air pump!


How Does Oxygen Exchange Work In Water?

When we talk about the oxygen exchange in water, we generally refer to what is happening between water and air.

The surface of any body of water has a certain level of dissolved gases; this includes both oxygen and other substances that exist within it, such as carbon dioxide and methane.

When the surface area is exposed to air, there will be an interchange with the oxygen in the atmosphere.

The water will lose gas molecules to the air and then take more from it when it goes back under. This is how we get a constant supply of gaseous substances- like oxygen- to our tanks.

If the surface area for gas exchange decreases, there will be less added oxygen to replenish what was taken.

This means that many fish need a little help to stay alive.

Some people use an air pump or bubbler; others leave it up to nature by letting their live plants do the work.

Do Ember Tetras Need an Air Pump?

Yes and No. Ember Tetras come from the Amazon River basin and are used to partial or complete darkness.

They can live without any light, but they will not thrive in total darkness as much other fish do. In this case, an air pump is needed for oxygen exchange. However, if you have a well-lit tank with plenty of surface area like a planted tank, the air pump is not required for a healthy environment.

If you want to use an air stone or bubbler in your aquarium, be aware that adding more oxygen into the water can cause problems with pH levels and make it difficult to achieve stable conditions. It’s also important to note that these devices are no substitute for an air pump.

For a long-term solution, live plants are your best choice because they will help to produce oxygen for the fish all day, every day, and without any effort required on your part.

The air pump is an essential piece of aquarium equipment for many hobbyists, but it’s not always necessary. In fact, some fish have evolved to use other sources of oxygen in their habitats.

You might like to know about the air pump and its connection with other tetras. Here is what you need Do Neon Tetra Fish Need An Air Pump?

What’s The Best Type Of Air Pump For Ember Tetras?

If your tank is large or has live plants, then you’ll want to invest in an air pump.

There are many air pumps, and they all have different features. Air pumps come in two types: One that sits on the bottom of your tank or one that hangs from the side. You’ll want to choose an air pump with a high turnover rate so it can produce enough oxygen for Ember Tetras and other fish in your aquarium.

One thing to keep in mind is that your tank will need a filter and an air pump.

There are many types of filters out there, but you’ll want one with a high turnover rate so it can produce enough dissolved oxygen for Ember Tetras and other fish in the aquarium. And if you have live plants or a large tank, then you’ll want to invest in an air pump as well.

If you have a tank greater than 30-gallons then go for Tetra Whisper Air Pump

Benefits Of Having Air Pump For Ember Tetras

Some benefits of having the air pump are:

Energy Efficient

One of the important benefits is that the air pump can supply enough oxygen for small tanks, requiring no extra power source. In addition, it does not require any other power source as it is energy-efficient and silent.

Makes Finer Bubbles

It also has finer bubbles than some filters do, which helps in providing a sufficient amount of oxygen to the tank inhabitants.

Prolongs Tank Life

One of the most important benefits of having the air pump in the aquarium is prolonging the tank’s life. The reason being, if an aquarium does not have enough oxygen due to higher fish load or insufficient aeration, the water will become stagnant, which leads to a higher chance of developing bacteria and other pathogens.

Helps To Keep Water Quality Optimum

The air pump will also help keep the tank’s water clean by preventing it from becoming stagnant and increasing its life.

Other Ways To Produce Oxygen In The Aquarium

There are several ways to produce enough oxygen in the tank without taking any help from the air pump.

I will list down some of the best ways to produce oxygen in the ember tetras tank.

Using Live Plants to Produce Oxygen

The easiest one is to use live plants. The roots of these plants will produce oxygen while they are alive.

Live plants are one of the best ways to produce oxygen in your aquarium, and they’re also decorative! I would recommend using live plants if you want as many advantages as possible for your Ember Tetras or any other fish in your tank.

Live plants are a great way to provide your aquarium with the necessary dissolved oxygen levels, and they can also help maintain adequate water quality for Ember Tetras.

Prominent among these is Java moss, which can be attached to rocks or wood with fishing line or string, placed in pots near the surface or on top of the gravel, or used as a carpeting ground cover.

Other plants that are good choices include Anubias barteri var. nana, some species of Cabomba, and Aponogeton crispus, to name a few. In addition, many varieties of aquarium plants grow well in low-light conditions so that you can have them in the tank without any light.

Many low-light plants like Vallisneria spiralis (aka “Eelgrass”), Ceratopteris thalictroides, and java ferns are also perfect for an Ember Tetras tank.

Bubbler To Produce Oxygen In Aquarium

A bubbler can be a great option if you don’t want to spend money on buying a new air pump. But this is not the most suitable choice because it requires much more maintenance and contains some risks.

Air Bubbler will act as decorations as well. And trust me, your ember tetras will love the small bubbles; and will most definitely play with them all the time.

Using Filter To Produce Oxygen For Ember Tetras

You may use the filter to produce more oxygen into your aquarium, so make sure it has a high turnover rate.

You may also need to invest in a filter that will help to produce more oxygen if your tank is large or has live plants.

The best way of producing more dissolved oxygen in your ember tetras tank is by using a filter. This equipment will create lots of movement while filtering your water.

A good filter with a high turnover rate should help you with this task and produce enough oxygen for your ember tetras.

What Happens When The Oxygen Level Is Low In The Tank?

If the low level of dissolved oxygen in your tank is not taken care of, it can result in many problems like fish stress and even death. So you should be very careful about this matter if you want to keep your Ember Tetras healthy.

When the oxygen levels are low in your tank, it could lead to serious problems for Ember Tetras.

If the ember tetra’s water is not well aerated or they aren’t getting enough dissolved oxygen from their environment,

If the dissolved oxygen level in the aquarium becomes very low, it can result in too many fish deaths and other problems like an algae bloom, leading to a lack of water clarity.

The symptoms vary depending on the severity of the issue. Hypoxia (i.e., low level of oxygen) will create fish stress and eventually cause death.

It is also common for Ember Tetras and other tropical community fish to lack energy because they are not getting enough oxygen from their environment.

Do Ember Tetras Need a Filter?

A filter is an important piece of equipment for maintaining the health and beauty of your aquarium’s water, but not all fish need it to survive. In fact, some species can tolerate higher levels of sediment or waste in their habitats. This is because they are accustomed to living near bodies of water with a high level of pollution.

But on the other hand, fish like Ember Tetras that have come from cleaner habitats may need more frequent and thorough cleaning for their tanks to be healthy environments because they are not used to living near bodies of water with a lot of waste in them.

If you want your ember tetras to live longer and stay healthy, you should find a way to produce more oxygen in the tank.

What’s The Best Type of Filter for Ember Tetra Fish?

The filter may also produce more oxygen into your aquarium, so make sure it has a high turnover rate.

If you want to keep your ember tetras happy and healthy, you need the best type of filter to create enough dissolved oxygen.

I would recommend using a filter that has a high turnover rate, is easy to maintain, and will last for years even if you have other fish in your tank as well.

The best type of filter for Ember Tetras are the ones with large surface area (meaning more water enters at once), so it can produce more oxygen for them.

Since Ember Tetras are tiny fish, you will need a filter that has more surface area and creates an inflow of water at the same time.


In conclusion, the ember tetra is a small fish which means it will need more dissolved oxygen than other larger fish species when the water level becomes low. The best way to produce extra dissolved oxygen that your tank needs are by using live plants, a filter, and a bubbler if you have one.

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