Can Ember Tetras Live in a 10-Gallon Tank?

Ember Tetras are beautiful fish that range in colors from yellow to orange and even red. But what about their housing requirements? What is the minimum tank size for them? Can Ember Tetras Live in a 10-Gallon Tank?

Yes, ember tetras can live in a 10-gallon tank. And the best part is you can keep nearly 13 ember tetras in a 10-gallon tank as this is their minimum tank size.

Here, we will be talking in detail about Can Ember Tetras Live In A Ten Gallon Tank? Ember Tetra housing requirements for ten-gallon tanks and more! You will learn about the basics of keeping these beautiful fish and their diet, their tank size requirements, and more.

Can Ember Tetras Live in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Yes, Ember Tetras can live in a tank as small as ten gallons. However, if you are getting Ember Tetras for a tank this size, be prepared to do some maintenance to keep the water clean.

Just make sure to provide enough space for them with plants, decorations, territory, and water quality that is ideal for their

How Many Ember Tetras Can Live In A 10-Gallon Tank?

Ember Tetras are only 0.8 inches long. So, going with the one-inch one-gallon golden thumb rule, you can keep nearly 12 to 13 ember tetras in the 10-gallon tank.

So, when keeping ember tetra in a ten-gallon tank, you should have roughly 13-14 (as they are 0.81 inches long).

You can even keep more than that if you have enough experience and know-how to handle tetras in the tank.

Minimum Tank Size For Ember Tetras:

The minimum size for an aquarium housing Ember Tetras is ten gallons. Still, to have the best chance of providing a healthy and comfortable living environment for these fish, it’s recommended that 20-gallons or larger tanks be used at all times. This will ensure plenty of room for various plants and decorations within the tank, which will provide Ember Tetras with new territory to explore.

What Happens If You Overstock Your 10-Gallon Ember Tetra Tank?

If you overstock your tank with too many fish for its size, then not only will they likely be more stressed and unhealthy, but there is also a higher chance that one or two might get sick.

Oxygen Level:

When keeping more embers in a ten-gallon tank, oxygen levels are going to be an issue. There is not enough water for proper gas exchange and circulation of the fishes’ waste products – which could lead to a whole bunch of issues such as:

Higher ammonia level

Disease outbreaks due to overpopulation with limited resources (such as food, oxygen). Unhealthy fish is due to too many in a tank that is not big enough.


Your ember tetras will get stressed due to limited territory in the overcrowded tank. The deterioration of mental health can lead to various diseases.

So, if you plan on keeping more than 12-13 ember tetras in a ten-gallon tank, then an oxygenator will be necessary, and water changes need to happen regularly.


Overcrowding also affects the way the ember tetras behave. They will be more aggressive and territorial, which in turn can lead to stress-induced disease outbreaks such as fin rot or velvet.

Competition For Food

Food competition will be an issue if you have more than 12-13 ember tetras in a 10-gallon tank.

Decrement Of Water Quality

More ember tetras produce more waste products. There is not enough water to dilute the waste products. So, your tank will be more polluted and dirty than before.

Because of the higher ammonia levels, ember tetras have a greater chance of developing diseases.

Housing Requirements For Ten-Gallon Tank:

If you want to house your ember tetras in a ten-gallon tank, ensure it has plenty of hiding places and refuges. This will help them feel safe and secure when they’re at home.

Water Temperature:

The minimum water temperature for Ember Tetras is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them an ideal fish to keep in a home with climate control because they can easily survive in warmer temperatures than other tetra species.

Aquarium Lighting:

For your ten-gallon tank, it’s recommended that you use a low-intensity lighting system that doesn’t emit heat. Also, please avoid using any lighting that emits blue or violet light, as it can harm your fish and plants over time.

Lighting Timer:

For the ten-gallon tank, it’s recommended that you use a timer with an on/off cycle of at least eight hours per day for your fish to have a natural day/night cycle.

Water pH:

The ideal water pH for Ember Tetras is between seven and eight. You can do this by using a small peat moss pellet to create the desired balance of your fish’s habitat.


As all tetra species are freshwater fish, they need a tank full of plants. Tetras do not require new plants because of this as long as your aquarium is large enough to provide ample hiding places and refuges for them. However, you can place some live plants into the tank if you would like.


In conclusion, Ember Tetras can live in a ten-gallon aquarium as long as it’s well maintained, and many hiding places are provided.

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