Will Ember Tetras School With Neon Tetras?

Will Ember Tetras School With Neon Tetras

The Neon Tetra fish has long been a popular aquarium fish, but now it seems like the Ember Tetras are gaining popularity. Will Ember Tetras school with Neon tetras? Can Neon tetra and Ember tetra live together in an aquarium? What should you know when they get together?

Yes, Ember Tetras will school with Neon tetra fish. They can live together in an aquarium, but there are many things you need to consider when they get together.

Read this article to find out more about Ember Tetras and Neon tetra fish compatibility and if they will school together or not.

Will Ember Tetras School With Neon Tetras?

Yes, Ember Tetra Fish will school with Neon Tetras. However, Ember Tetras school will typically stay close together as one large group and form a ball. As long as both a Neon Tetra and an Ember Tetra are schooling together like this, they should live together in the same aquarium.

Most of the tetra fish species will school with other species with different colorations, and the case is the same with these two.

Can Neon Tetras And Ember Tetras Live Together?

Yes, Neon Tetras and Ember Tetras can live together and even school together. This is an excellent option for someone who wants to have a mixed school of tetra fish in their aquarium but doesn’t want the complications of keeping two schools separate (such as feeding both groups on different schedules or performing water changes).

Both of these tetras are schooling fish, so they should live in the same aquarium. However, there will need to be plenty of space for each one, or you’re risking aggression between them since they will need to compete for limited resources.

Both of these are tetra fish and are tropical, so they should be able to live in the same aquarium.

The Compatibility Of Ember Tetra Fish And Neon Tetra Fish

The tank requirement for both fish is the same. You need to provide complete care for these fish, including water changes and tank maintenance to provide them with a healthy environment, but they require minimal space.

Both ember tetras and neon tetras thrive in warmer temperatures, and they like a higher ph level.

Ember tetras are schooling fish, and they might school with neon tetra. They both arrive in the same tanks, but these fish can live together as per their needs without any compatibility issues.

Why Does My Ember Tetra Fish School With Neon Tetra?

The compatibility of these two species is that they live in similar environments, which include the same water parameters and tank requirements. They both like warmer temperatures and higher ph levels, but neon tetras are more sensitive to changes in water conditions.

They both come from the same natural habitat, and they are often found living in the same type of water conditions.

Things To Consider When Neon Tetras And Ember Tetras School Together

The compatibility with these two fish is great, as they are known to live in the same type of environment and thrive in warmer temperatures.

Water Conditions

Water quality is not a significant issue for either neon or ember tetras. They both do well for a wide range of water parameters, but you cannot push them to the limits. Both are colorful fish that live in fresh blackwater.

Water Temperature

The perfect water temperature for neon tetras is 70° F to 81 °F and for ember tetras is 68° F to 82 °F. However, they both prefer water temperatures in the range of 68° F to 82 °F and are known for living in fresh blackwater.

Neon tetras need less oxygen than embers, but they can live together as long as you provide them a larger tank with an air stone or filter that provides enough dissolved oxygen.

It is not advisable to keep neon tetras with other species that require higher water temperatures.

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pH Level

They both thrive in high ph levels, which should be anywhere between neutral and alkaline (ph levels of around the range of pH-6 to 7).

Tank Size

20 gallons for Neon Tetra Fish and Ember Tetra fish is perfect for keeping them together.

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School Size

Ember tetras are schooling fish, but they might also school with neon tetra because their needs are similar. Therefore, you need to keep at least five to 6 neon tetras for schooling along with 6 ember tetras.


Both types of fish are sensitive to changes in the water conditions and require a lot of light because they live among plants that produce oxygen at night. Therefore, both need very dim lighting, so it is not advisable to use a too-bright light.

Both species need low levels of lighting, so you should not provide them with the same intensity. However, you can use fluorescent lights or LED lights to keep their tank lit up.


Neon tetras and Ember Tetra fish need plants in their tank to provide them hiding spots and mimic their natural habitat.


In conclusion, we can say that the compatibility of these two species is great because they live in similar environments. They will happily school together, and both will thrive in the same type of water parameters. However, they are sensitive to changes, so you need to keep them low and provide hiding spots with plants.

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