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Water Parameters for Tetra Fish: Stable Water Condition

water parameters for tetra fish | Emperor Tetra

Tetra fish are the most common aquarium fish all over the world. Tetra Fish has been in very high demand among the fish enthusiasts. This is because of the tetra’s small size, bright coloration, easy-care, and maintenance and the hardiness. To add, the water parameters that you will require for tetra fish is easily achievable.  … Read more

Are Tetras Hardy Fish? – Different Parameter Levels

Are tetra hardy fish? | Black Neon Tetra

Almost every fish keeper has stumbled upon any kind of tetra in their fish-keeping experience. This is because of the variety and popularity of tetras in captivity rather than in the wild. Tetras are also hardy fish; hence most of the aquarist trend to keep this fish on their beginning of aquarist carrier. Tetras are … Read more