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7 Best Serpae Tetra Tank Mates To Pick From

Serpae Tetra Tank Mates

Serpae tetras are another beautiful species of the well-known tetra family. These fish are beautiful, but they’re easy to keep making them beginner-friendly, or perfect for an aquarist who’s looking for something low-maintenance. I personally have been keeping these fishes for over a year. Since I am shifting them in a larger tank, I wondered … Read more

Top 10 Easy to Care Tetra Fish – Perfect For Beginners

easy to care tetras

There is a global demand for pet fish nowadays. You can find fish enthusiasts in every corner of the world. If you ask them to recommend a fish for beginners or for someone with experience, they will surely bring up the name Tetra fish. There are over 150 species of tetra fish, which are easy … Read more