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Serpae Tetra Species Profile, Care, Lifespan, Tankmates, Breeding, Diseases

There are several biodiversities in the world, of which we are aware of only a few. Fish are one of the magnificent diversity present in the world. There are about 28,000 different species of fish known to us. And among these species of fish, Tetra fish are quite popular among beginner aquarists. There are about … Read more

7 Best Serpae Tetra Tank Mates To Pick From

Serpae Tetra Tank Mates

Serpae tetras are another beautiful species of the well-known tetra family. These fish are beautiful, but they’re easy to keep making them beginner-friendly, or perfect for an aquarist who’s looking for something low-maintenance. I personally have been keeping these fishes for over a year. Since I am shifting them in a larger tank, I wondered … Read more