How Many Ember Tetras Can I Keep In A 10, 20, 30 Gallon Tank?

If you are thinking about adding some new fish to your tank, then the Ember Tetra may be a good choice for you. They come in many different colors and look great with other types of fish. How Many Ember Tetras Can I Keep In A 10, 20, 30 Gallon Tank?

However, before purchasing any type of aquarium, it is important to know how much room they will take up and what kind of conditions they need. You can add 4 to 6 ember tetras in a 10-gallon tank. Add a gallon of water for each ember tetra as you go on.

In this article, we will talk about the amount of space that an Ember Tetra needs as well as their temperature requirements and more!

How to Calculate the Number of Ember Tetras for a Fish Tank?

You can calculate the number of tetras for a fish tank by multiplying the total gallon size by .75.

How Many Ember Tetras Can I Keep In A 10 Gallon Tank?

You can house between four and six Ember Tetra in a ten-gallon tank. Add one gallon of water for every ember tetra that you add to the tank.

How Many Ember Tetras Can I Keep In A 20 Gallon Tank?

If you have a larger aquarium, then up to twelve Ember Tetra can be housed there. Again, adding an extra gallon will make it easier when choosing which fish are best suited for your aquarium!

One important thing to remember is that male tetras may fight with each other if they are put together in too small of spaces or groups. If this occurs, remove them before they start bleeding too much (which could result in death).

You can keep around two to three fish per ten gallons in a tank. Just make sure they have enough space and that there is plenty for them to eat.

How Many Ember Tetras Can I Keep In A 30 Gallon Tank?

There can be up to 15 Ember Tetra in a tank that is 30 gallons or more. Just like with the smaller tanks, you will need an additional gallon of water per ember tetra for each one added.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Keeping Ember Tetra In Your Tank

When you are getting ready to bring new fish into your aquarium, it is important that you make sure the tank has had ample time to cycle. This process will happen on its own if there are already fish in the water but this could take up to four weeks or more!


It’s also advisable for you to get live plants that act as a natural filter and give them something else good to eat besides flakes. You can use the following:


You can add decorations so they have plenty of places to hide when they feel threatened by other types of fish, like cichlids or barbs.

You must also remember not all tetras play well together. Ember Tetra should only be kept with peaceful species including moll, platies, guppies, and other fish that will not threaten them.

Gender Ratio

Male Ember Tetra will often fight with each other if they are put together in too small of spaces or groups. If this occurs, remove them before they start bleeding too much (which could result in death).

What Happens If I Put Too Many Ember Tetras In A Fish Tank?

If you have too many ember tetras in a small tank then it could become dangerous for them very quickly – they are not the most durable of fish! If you see that their fins are ragged or torn, then they may be in need of medical treatment.

What Happens When You Overstock Ember tetras?

Stress And Disease

Fish can become stressed when there is too much activity going on around them and this could lead to disease.

Aggression And Fin Nipping

They will also start fighting with each other for space if overcrowded which results in injured fins (and sometimes death).

Harassment To Female Ember Tetra

Female ember tetra can also become victims to fin nipping if you house them too closely together or with other types of fish that have similar habits. When you keep many male ember tetras together, they feel competitive. Thus, it can cause them to harass the female ember tetras in the tank.

Can You Keep Ember Tetra Together Without Problems Or Fighting?

The ember tetra belongs to a very large group of fishes known as Characins – these normally get along well together so it’s comparatively easy to keep more than one species of fish from this family together without problems or fights breaking out.

There are some exceptions, however. A few of these fish will pick on others from their own species if they feel threatened or scared – this is normally because there’s not enough space for them to move around! You can solve this by adding more than one ember tetra tank and using plenty of decorations (plants, rocks, etc.) so that the bullied ones have places to hide.

Can You Overstock Your Fish Tanks Without Trouble?

You should not overstock your fish tank without trouble as this could lead to disease and stress – both things which kill aquarium fish!

Keep around five inches of space between all of the inhabitants and make sure there’s plenty of hiding places (especially if they are fighting).

What Is the Minimum Number of Ember Tetra Fish I Can Have in a Tank?

There is no minimum number that you can have with your ember tetras, however, they do prefer schools and if there are less than five in a tank then it will not be as much fun for them!


Who Are Good Tank Mates For Ember Tetras?

The best tank mates for an Ember Tetra include other small peaceful community fish with similar water requirements such as:

– Zebra Danio

– Harlequin Rasbora

– Glowlight Rasbora

Why Does Ember Tetra Lose Their Color?

Ember Tetra loses their color due to bad tank conditions, bad tank mates, water quality, and much more.

There are many different reasons as to why an Ember Tetra might lose its color – some of these include:

– As a way for them to try and blend into the background if they’re scared or stressed.

– Because their tank is dirty, causing stress and weakening their immune systems which makes it easier for diseases to set in.

– If there isn’t enough space, leaving fish no choice but to eat each other’s fins instead! This causes open wounds which will lead to infections/shock etc.

– Parasites such as worms can affect them. So make sure you check your water conditions regularly (every couple of days).


If you are new to keeping fish, then it is best for your first-time experience that you only have one type of fish instead of several. This is because you need to focus on the needs of one fish before you can learn what they are and how to provide for them.

Ember tetra is a small fish that you can keep in community tanks with other peaceful, active and mid-water dwelling species. They are non-aggressive and do not nip on fins like other tetra species.

However, they are very active and need to be in schools of at least five if you do not want to see them stressed out and with no color. You can keep them in schools of six or more for a better visual effect. However, it is not compulsory to keep them in schools.

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