How Long Does It Take For Baby Ember Tetra To Develop Its Color?

Ember tetras, also known as ember black tetra, is a freshwater fish found in the Amazon River basin. They live most of their lives near the surface and sometimes swim upwards to feed on insects. The name ’embers’ comes from the red-orange coloration that they get when they’re about four inches long. The embers turn into a dark gray or brown color when they reach adulthood at around seven or eight inches long. These colors make them excellent aquarium fish for beginners because of how easy it is to breed them and keep them healthy with minimal effort! How Long Does It Take For Baby Ember Tetra To Develop Its Color?

Many baby tetra fish does not have their colors when they are born. They will develop them as they grow up. It takes 3 weeks for ember tetra to develop its bright red color with a silver lining.

How Long Does It Take For Baby Ember Tetra To Get/Develop Its Color?

It usually takes baby ember tetra fish 3 weeks to two months (depending on the type of tetra) to get its color.

They will get their colors as they grow up gradually. It is an amazing sight to see.

How Does Ember Tetra Fry Look At Birth?

Ember tetra usually has a black spot on their tail, especially when they are young.

They don’t have any bright colors when they are born. They just have their basic gray-black color that most baby tetra fish would have.

When Do Ember Tetra Fry Get Their Colors?

They will then get their colors as they grow up, which is a process that can take up to 3 weeks.

After three weeks (this does not apply to baby ember tetra fry kept in the dark), they will start developing their bright colors.

How Does Ember Tetra Fry Look After 3 Weeks?

They will start showing some color on them after around 2-3 weeks, but it would still be hard to distinguish them from normal black/gray baby tetras. They may still appear dull, almost faded-looking.

Their bright colors would develop more as they age. At 4 weeks, most of these baby ember tetra fish should have developed their bright colors already if they are kept under good conditions and fed well with the right types of food.

There’s no definite way how long do baby ember tetra takes to get their colors. Some people have claimed that it only takes 2 – 3 weeks, while others say it can take a month or even more before they start showing some color on them.

How Can You Help Your Ember Tetra Fry Get Their Colors Early?

The best way to help your tetra fry get their colors early is to make sure they are healthy, well-fed, and the water is clean.

Amano Technique:

You can use the Amano technique to get baby ember tetra fry’s colors early. This is a popular method where you darken your tank with black plastic sheets, so the baby tetra fry will feel safe and comfortable in the darkness while their eyes adjust to see the light more efficiently during their growth.

Other methods include shading or darkening of lights; basically anything that blocks out some light but not all light (they need some natural light for photosynthesis).


Baby tetras need a lot of different food, like worms or brine shrimp. They also need vitamins and other minerals. Be sure to feed them often and add flakes for variety! If they don’t eat for more than a day, they might not make it.

Check out some of the best food that you can get in the market for your ember tetras:

Change water:

After about 5-7 days, the water in the tank will become dirty and only provide bacteria that makes baby tetras sick if not changed frequently. You should change out at least 15% (preferably more) of the water every day. By doing this, you also keep the ammonia level low and provide a clean environment for your fish to live in.

Maintain Water Temperature:

Baby tetras like between 73-82 degrees Fahrenheit (23-25 Celsius). If it is too hot (86+ degrees Fahrenheit or 30 Celsius), they will die. If it is way too cold (60-64 degrees Fahrenheit / 15-18 Celsius), the baby tetras will become inactive and usually die.

Important: Please be sure to not let your water temperature fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit/15 Celsius, because if it does then the baby tetra fish will die from being too cold! You can use the Eheim Jager aquarium heater to maintain the temperature in an ember tetra tank.

Check Ammonia Spikes:

If the ammonia level in the tank spikes up very high, you should do a partial water change immediately by doing 25% or more of the water needed, to remove extra ammonia. This is an important step for growing baby tetras because high ammonia levels can kill them quickly. Make sure that they are eating before you do this so they don’t die from hunger.

Don’t Overstock:

Although baby tetras are usually small, they are very active fish and will need space to swim around. This means that you should have at least 5-8 gallons of water for your baby tetra fish because more is always better!

Comfortable Environment:

Provide caves or other hiding places for the baby tetra fish to feel safe in, because if they aren’t comfortable then they might die. Also, make sure that there are no other fish bullying them by only having one or two bullies in a tank with much nice fish–this will allow your Tetras to grow up peacefully.

FAQs about Baby Ember Tetras

What Is The Diet Of Ember Tetra Fry?

Ember tetra fry eats brine shrimp and cyclops first and later on should be fed with commercial flake food and Daphnia Pulex.

What Should I Do To Keep My Aquarium Healthy For Baby Ember Tetra Fry?

Always check the ammonia level before putting baby tetras into that tank. You can use a little bit of salt in your fish tank to revert ammonia levels back to zero or near zero which would harm your fish.

How To Care For Baby Ember Tetra Fry?

You should provide them brine shrimp and cyclops at their first feeding (one day old), then commercial flake food is added into their diet chart gradually with growth. They like to eat Daphnia Pulex when they reach ¾ inches long (3 cm). However, under no circumstances should beef hearts be used to feed them, apart from other food. This will kill the Tetra fry.

How Quickly Does Baby Ember Tetra Grow?

Your baby tetras can grow up in 8-12 weeks’ time. But if you have good water condition and tank size your Baby Ember Tetra doesn’t need so much time.


Therefore, the baby ember tetra can take 3 weeks to get its color. Once it gets its color, make sure you do not let it fade. If it fades away, your ember tetra is unhappy in your aquarium. You have to maintain the appropriate water temperatures, quality and feed it properly to keep it colorful and bright.

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