Do Ember Tetras Need Light At Night?

Ember Tetras are beautiful freshwater tropical fish found in the Amazon River Basin and Rio Negro. They are a great addition to the home aquarium as these tropical fish are easy to keep. You have to take care of the water parameters and diet to keep them healthy. But what about lighting? Do Ember Tetras Need Light At Night?

No, Ember tetras don’t need light at night if you’re maintaining the proper circadian rhythm. However, that is why they and other tropical fish need to have a natural day/night cycle that mimics their habitat in nature.

You need to maintain the circadian rhythm of your fish for them to be in their best physical and mental health. Too much light can disrupt this rhythm, but too little will have the same effect. So proper lighting is key to a healthy Ember Tetras tank!

If you want to know more about the Ember Tetra, read this guide on how much light they need and what kind of lights are best for them.

Do Ember Tetras Need Light At Night?

It depends on the way you maintain the circadian cycle for them.

The Ember Tetra is a freshwater fish that needs to be kept in an aquarium with plants and clean water.

When it comes to lighting, they need light during the day but not at night because they are not nocturnal.

There should be a 12-hour cycle where light is for 11 hours followed by darkness for the next 12 hours.

The answer is yes- they do need light at night! But this doesn’t mean that you should put any old lights into their tank- there’s more to it than just plugging something in somewhere.

The time of day doesn’t really matter when it comes to providing your Ember Tetras with light. However, the time of year does matter!

During the winter months, when it’s dark for longer periods of time (an average person’s circadian rhythm is also affected by this), your fish will need more artificial lighting to stay healthy and active during those long hours without natural sunlight.

This applies especially if you have a small Ember Tetras tank or the surface area of your aquarium is not well-lit.

If you want your Ember Tetras to thrive in your aquarium, you must provide them with proper lighting conditions.

How Much Amount Of Light Is Good For Ember Tetras?

The optimal lighting for an ember tetra should be 12 hours per day at the intensity of one foot-candle.

The best amount of light for your Ember Tetras is the one that suits their needs. There are a variety of lights to choose from, and it’s up to you which would work best in addition to providing them with the appropriate amount of light at night or day!

What Happens If Your Ember Tetras Gets Too Much Light (Or Not Enough)?

They will fry! Excess aquarium lighting can stress these ember tetras. This is why they need day/night cycles with 12 hours each for their circadian rhythm, which benefits Ember Tetras greatly!

It is not recommended to keep any aquarium fish under a light that is too intense because it can lead to their death.

If you’re keeping your Ember tetras in a tank with one source of bright light, then they may not get enough rest at night and will require dimmer lighting for the nighttime or an entirely dark tank.

Too much light at night can disrupt the circadian rhythms of your fish, leading them to become aggressive or territorial.

It can also cause stress and lead to disease. Conversely, too little light at night can have the same effect, leading to stress and making some fish more vulnerable to disease.

Too Much Light:

When it’s too bright or intense for your Ember Tetras, they may exhibit aggressive behavior by chasing one another around in an attempt to show dominance. They will also be slower to react to danger. Too much light will cause their skin to turn pale, which indicates that they are getting sick.

Not Enough Light:

When the light isn’t strong enough, your Ember Tetras may become withdrawn and not act as brightly or intensely when they’re supposed to be excited.

They can also get more easily stressed out and/or sick. Too little light will cause them to be lethargic and may have shortened life spans or stop eating.

If the fish has insufficient lighting, it will have slowed growth rates and eye problems due to losing out on certain nutrients or having an unbalanced diet.

Do Ember Tetras Fry Need Light At Night?

No, they don’t–they’re usually asleep during this time anyway! But if your tank has a filter system that can handle both chemical and biological, it’s important to make sure you have a light that can do the same.

Ember Tetras fry does not need light at night. However, they should get a little bit of natural daylight during the winter months.

But they don’t require any artificial lighting to maintain their circadian rhythm! They are active and healthy in both low-light or high-light conditions.

Why Is Circadian Rhythm Beneficial For Ember Tetras?

Ember Tetra fish have a natural day and night cycle of 12 hours each, called their circadian rhythm.

It helps them know when they should be active or not by having day/night cycles. They also need time with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness!

Maintaining this balance between light and dark will keep your fish active during the daytime (when they are most likely to feed) and help them sleep at night.

They are most active during the hours of daylight and least active at nighttime when they sleep or retreat to darker areas like caves.

The fish need to have a proper circadian rhythm because it helps them maintain their health and well-being, such as keeping other illnesses at bay and improving their immune system function.

It will also allow your ember tetra to grow normally without any abnormalities or stunted growth.

Which Light Is Best For Your Ember Tetras?

This answer depends on what you want from your light! The best way is to research which will be good for them in their specific situation.

Some lights are better for larger tanks, while others may be the best ones to use in smaller tanks. Finally, there is a light that’s perfect for you and your Ember Tetras!

Again, it depends on the tank size and what you want. If an LED or fluorescent light works well for the tank size and how many fish are there, use those!

There are different types of lighting for the fish, which include incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights.

Incandescent is recommended as it has a natural color temperature while also giving off light with no UV or infrared rays that can harm your tetra. Fluorescent lights are also good for your tetra but have a higher intensity.

LED light is the newest type of lighting. It’s one of the most popular because of its low power consumption, full-spectrum color, no UV/IR rays or heat emission.

It does not require any special fixtures to operate either! LEDs can be combined with other light sources such as fluorescent, incandescent, or other LEDs.

There are two types of light bulbs that you can purchase: fluorescent and incandescent (or “regular”) lamps. Fluorescent lights will emit less heat than incandescent light.

However, they typically use more energy than incandescent lamps and also have a shorter lifespan. Incandescent lights are cheaper but emit a lot of heat which can be detrimental to your Ember Tetras’ well-being in the summertime!

How Can You Make Sure Your Ember Tetras Are Getting Enough Light?

One way to make sure they’re getting enough light at night is by looking at their behavior. If they are not chasing one another or responding to other fish, then it’s probably time for more light!

If you want to use artificial light in your tank, it’s important to make sure the type of lighting is right for them and where you place it in the tank.

It should be dim and not too strong. Additionally, you should make sure they are getting the right exposure for their tank.

If your tank is big enough without any other plants or decorations in it, then a standard fluorescent light will do! Fluorescents offer full-spectrum lighting, which creates beautiful colors and provides everything your tetras need to thrive.

For smaller tanks, you can use a standard incandescent light. This will work for tanks under five gallons. And I actually recommend this because it has the best color temperature without any UV/IR rays or heat emissions.

Can You Use Sunlight Instead Of Artificial Light?

If your tetras do not have a filter system that handles chemical and mechanical filtration, it’s best not to use sunlight.

The sunlight will create a big change in the chemical balance of your tank and can lead to algae growth or an increase in nitrate levels. This could harm your tetras!

Sunlight is a great option if you have the opportunity to use it during daytime hours when your Ember Tetras are most active and feeding.

However, the amount of natural light that your fish get during the day will determine how much artificial lighting they need at night.

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on where you live and whether or not you’re using a light bulb specifically made for plants!

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Light In Your Ember Tetras Tank

  • You want to make sure you have a light that’s good for the tank size. There are lights specifically designed for tanks of different sizes.  Hence, it is helpful if your Ember Tetras need more or less room!
  • Ensure that there is no risk of fish jumping out of the water to reach food because they are too close to the light.
  • Keep in mind that there might be a risk of heat if your tank is near any other sources of light or electrical equipment. So, it’s best to install lights on opposite sides of the room from where you have televisions and computers!
  • Consider whether or not you want an LED or fluorescent bulb; each type of light has its own benefits.
  • Try adding some plants to the tank to help your Ember Tetras feel more at home and comfortable!
  • Avoid changing lights too often, as it can be stressful for them.
  • Ensure you have an adequate filter system that will remove excess waste from the water and maintain the water quality!
  • It’s important to make sure your tank is free of any potential sources of rapid temperature change.
  • Make sure you have a lid that seals tightly. This will prevent debris from getting into the tank and can also help reduce evaporation.
  • If possible, it may be worth it for you to install a filter system that can handle both biological and chemical filtration.
  • If you have any questions, it’s best to contact your local pet store for more information!


In conclusion, Ember tetras do not need light at night as long as they have adequate daytime light. However, if your tetras are chasing one another or responding to other fish at night time, then they may need more light!

For example, when you’re trying to decide if your Ember Tetras need light at night, there are many things to consider.

If you have any questions, then drop them in the comment section below! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Luck!!

Happy Fishkeeping!!!

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