Do Ember Tetra Need A Heater? The Truth

Ember tetra is beautiful, peaceful fish that can really bring life to a tank. However, they need the right water temperature in order to stay healthy and happy. In this blog post, we will answer the question: do ember tetra need a heater?

Ember tetra lives in a temperature ranging from 74 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to maintain the temperature in the aquarium so that the ember tetras do not catch any diseases. Thus, the heater can help in this regard. 

If you don’t know what is the ideal water temperature for Ember Tetra or how much watt size heater you should get for your tank, then this blog post will be very helpful! We’ll go over everything from where to place the heater in your tank, what happens if the temperatures change suddenly, and more!

What Is The Ideal Water Temperature For Ember Tetra??

The ideal water temperature for ember tetra is 74 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This is usually the temperature of aquariums in stores, so it might be a good idea to get an adjustable heater for your tank.

What Will Happen If The Temperature Of Tank Water Becomes Extreme??

If the temperature of your tank water becomes too cold then Ember Tetra will become lethargic and stop swimming around. If it is extremely cold, they might develop a respiratory infection because their gills cannot function properly in extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, if you have an ember tetra heater but not enough oxygen, the water will become too hot. This is most common when you have a small tank with few fish in it because there is not enough oxygen for proper breathing of all your ember tetra. If this happens, they will try to get out of the aquarium into the air and eventually die from stress or suffocation.

Too Cold

If water gets too cold, Ember tetra will turn pale and develop red spots on their body-this means that they’re ill and need proper care right away! It’s better if you can catch this before it happens so a trip to the vet isn’t necessary.

Burning Hot

If water is too hot, Ember tetra will have trouble breathing and their gills might get burned from all of the toxins in your tank. They might also stop eating because they’re stressed out but if you don’t do anything about it right away, then they will die from stress or respiratory infection!

How To Choose The Right Heater For Your Ember Tetra?

Heater Watt Size Guide: You want to choose an adjustable heater that has at least 25 watts per gallon. So if your tank size is 20 gallons, try getting a 50-watt adjustable heater. If you only have a small aquarium (under 15 gallons), make sure you get a heater that has 40 watts or more.

Eheim Jager aquarium heater is the best one for your ember tetra.

Types Of Heater: There are three types of heaters for Ember Tetra tanks- submersible, undergravel, and in-tank/canister. We recommend the latter two because they adjust to water temperature quickly but you should go over all your options before deciding on one so you can make sure it is compatible with your aquarium!

Where Should You Place The Heater?

You want to place the heater near an outlet so there will be no problems if the electricity goes out suddenly (which might happen often where you live).

It’s also best to choose somewhere near the bottom of your ember tetra tank like behind rocks or plants which that even if something happens and the heater breaks, it won’t damage the aquarium.

You can also place the adjustable part of your tank near the gravel so you don’t have to worry about adjusting water temperature when necessary!

What Happens If The Temperature Changes Suddenly?

If there is a sudden change in room temperature or if someone accidentally turns off your ember tetra tank for some reason then this might cause an increase or decrease in water’s temperature.

This will most likely happen at night because nobody is paying attention and no one heats up/cools down your room during that time either! A lot of people think their tanks are safe from big changes but they’re not-it only takes a few hours for extreme temperatures to develop which can be fatal for Ember Tetra.


This is what will happen if your temperature changes too rapidly- Ember Tetra might stop moving and float near the top of the tank because their gills cannot function properly in extreme temperatures! This makes them susceptible to predators and they might die from stress or suffocation once this happens.

Respiratory Problems:

If you notice that your ember tetra isn’t breathing (they’re submerged at the top of the water) then it’s likely due to a change in temperature which causes respiratory problems for fish!

To solve this, make sure there isn’t any large change in water temperature but not by turning up/down heater as this could cause more damage than good after such excessive shocks! It’s best to buy an aquarium thermometer and let it read the water temperature for a few hours before making any changes.

Is Buying A Thermometer Necessary?

It’s not necessary to buy an aquarium thermometer but you should definitely get one if your ember tetra tank is exposed to cold weather or drafts from windows/doors! This way, you can keep track of room temperature so there won’t be any surprises when going home from work, etc.

You might also have to check how hot the top part of your tank gets during the summer months because this will affect fish as well!

Does Baby Ember Tetra Need Heater Too?

Yes-baby ember tetra needs heaters just like adults do because they’re still growing and their bodies are still developing. This means they’ll need the extra heat to make sure their immune system is healthy!

Should You Invest in A Spare Heater for Your Ember Tetra?

Yes-a a spare heater never hurts especially if your ember tetra tank isn’t enclosed (if you can see it from where you live, someone might accidentally turn off your aquarium’s heating source). Think about buying a backup heater that automatically turns on when there’s electricity failure or some other emergency which will keep water at a consistent temperature even without any intervention.

However, it’s probably best not to invest in a space heater unless you have an extremely large tank (over 50 gallons) or live somewhere where there are frequent power outages which will cause the temperature of your ember tetra tank to drop drastically! We recommend just getting one adjustable room heater that can cover all bases no matter what!

What To Do In Case Of Power Failure?

If the electricity goes off suddenly then put ice cubes into your aquarium so it doesn’t get too cold but make sure when the power comes back on again there won’t be any rapid temperature changes because it can be fatal for your ember tetra!

What To Do In Case Of Extreme Temperature Changes?

If you are afraid that something might go wrong with your heater while you are away on vacation, then consider buying an adjustable one so that no matter what happens – the temperature stays at 74-86 degrees Fahrenheit!

You should also invest in a thermometer so that if anything goes wrong during holidays or after a power failure, you’ll be notified immediately by either alarm or by seeing water temperature drop or rise abruptly.

Temperature swings might seem inevitable at times due to some uncontrollable factors but don’t worry – it’s only temporary until you get around solving them permanently! Many people have had success using two aquarium heaters for larger tanks so this might be worth considering if your ember tetra tank measures 50 gallons or more.

Another option would be investing in one adjustable room heater that can extend the life of your ember tetra tank until you come back home!


Do Live Plants In A Ember Tetra Tank Need Heater?

Yes-plants need the right amount of heat just like fish do. But they’re not as sensitive. So if you have plants in your aquarium then make sure there are at least 25 watts worth of heating source to keep water at 78 degrees or warmer.

Also, don’t forget that these reptiles are native to South America. It means their natural habitat has hotter temperatures than most other places outside this region (tropical forest).

To recreate a hot and humid environment inside an ember tetra tank is best done with live plants combined with strong lighting (at least two-watt bulbs) over the top of the tank.

However, even with live plants and heaters, it’s still important to keep an eye on water temperature. This is because too much or not enough heat can cause more harm than good! Remember that these fish are found in slow-moving bodies of fresh water. So, they aren’t used to fast currents. This is why you should never use filters with pumps unless there are no other options available.

Can You Keep Ember Tetra In Ponds?

Yes, you can but it’s not recommended because they’re tropical fish and prefer water that is 78 degrees or warmer.

Also, most ponds don’t have the right amount of sunlight to keep live plants thriving (which ember tetras need) which also makes them too dark for these reptiles!

However, if there are no other options available then make sure there is a small heater in your pond with an adjustable thermostat so that when winter comes around again. The temperature won’t drop below 50-degrees Fahrenheit! This way at least your turtles will be able to survive during colder seasons without dying from exposure due to ice forming on top of the water.


Ember tetras are warm-water fish so they need heaters in their aquariums to survive. Depending on the size of your tank, you should get a heater that is 25 watts for every ten gallons. This will keep the temperature at 74-86 degrees Fahrenheit plus invest in an adjustable room heater just in case something goes wrong!

If you have live plants then also consider getting two-watt bulbs over top of them. And remember not to use filters if possible. This can cause too much current making it hard for these reptiles to thrive especially when breeding!

In the winter months, make sure there’s no ice forming on top of the surface. And if nothing else works – buy one adjustable room heater.

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