Do Ember Tetra Die After Giving Birth?

Ember Tetra can be found in many different colors, including reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and blacks. They grow up to an inch long or a little bit more. Their natural habitat is riverbanks with vegetation on the surface of the water. Despite their small size, they have a voracious appetite for mosquito larvae and other aquatic insects as well as plant matter from algae to leaves and fruit peels. Does Ember Tetra die after giving birth?

Yes, some do. But for those who don’t, it is important to keep them safe and healthy so they can continue to reproduce and add color to your fish tank. Ember Tetra reproduces by laying eggs which often hatch after just two or three days due to their rapid development rate. The eggs float near the surface of the water where they are safe from being eaten by fish or other animals.

The mother will protect her young to ensure their safety, but keeping them together can be dangerous for the baby Ember Tetra as they are often attacked and killed by male Ember Tetra that sees the babies as a threat to their survival because there is less food available when females lay eggs instead of

In this article, we’ll discuss the various reasons why an ember tetra might die after giving birth, as well as how you can prevent that from happening!

Do Ember Tetra Die After Giving Birth?

Yes, some of the ember tetras die after giving birth. However, it is not absolutely true for all the ember tetra. Some of them survive after giving birth.

Reasons Why Ember Tetra Die After Giving Birth:

There could be several reasons for ember tetras to die after labor. Many times, these fish die due to repeated pregnancies and difficulty during the labor process. If the pregnant female is sick already or there are some bad water parameters in place, I will teach you how to care for Ember Tetra during pregnancy.

I’ll share my list of the best foods, water conditions, behavior towards their young, and what you should do if they are born prematurely or don’t survive after birth.

Repeated Pregnancy

When the ember tetra becomes pregnant time and again, it will become weak and it becomes difficult for the fish to give birth. If a female ember tetra is pregnant more than once, then there are high chances of them not surviving after the labor process.

Overstocking the tank, lack of water parameters and low-quality food are some of the reasons why these fish get pregnant again.

Difficulty During Labor

If you notice that your ember tetras have difficulty in giving birth or they die during labor, then you should check the water parameters. It may be that there are some bad parameters, or they have an infection.

If you keep these fish in a small tank without enough space to move around and breathe, then it becomes difficult for them to give birth.

The female ember tetra might die during labor if things go wrong because it is not easy for them to deliver their babies in small spaces or in bad conditions.

Bad Water Parameters

If the water parameters in your aquarium are not good, then it may be a reason why ember tetras die after giving birth.

Your tank’s pH should be between six and eight so that these fish can have enough oxygen to breathe. It is vital for them to get rid of carbon dioxide from their bodies before they give birth to babies.

If the carbon dioxide levels are too high in your tank, then it will be difficult for these fish to give birth. So, you need to get rid of this gas from their environment before they lay eggs.

They might die during labor if the water is not good enough or there are any infections present that affect them while giving birth.


Being harassed by other fish in the aquarium is not good for their pregnancies. If you notice that your ember tetra has difficulty breathing or is stressed, then it may be due to harassment from other fish.

Stress(from the pregnancy itself, or keeping inbreeding box)

Stress is also one of the reasons why female ember tetras die during the labor process as it affects their immune system.

Male Ember Tetras harass female ember tetras during the breeding period and this can cause them a lot of stress. They will not be able to get rid of this stress during labor and it will make their whole process more difficult.

Female Ember Tetra Was Already Sick

If the pregnant female fish is sick already, then it becomes difficult for them to give birth without any difficulties. They are likely to die after giving birth in these conditions if they don’t get proper treatment in time. If you provide your ember tetra with good water parameters and take care of their health issues, then

How To Keep Ember Tetra From Dying After Birth?

If you want the ember tetras to survive after giving birth, then there are some things that you need to do. You should provide them with good water conditions and feed them high-quality food so that their immune system stays strong. Feeding your fish live foods will also be beneficial. You can also provide them with antibiotics if necessary, but only after consulting a veterinarian or an expert fish breeder as they might become weak and lose all their strength during the labor process even on medication.

Help Labor Process

If you notice that your ember tetras are not able to give birth easily, then there is something wrong. You should check the water parameters immediately and see if there is an issue with their health too. There might be some problems in the labor process, but you can use these tips to help them give birth:

Keep Water Quality Perfect

If you keep your aquarium clean, then it will reduce stress on female ember tetra during pregnancy.

Prevent And Treat Disease

Before you get pregnant ember tetras, make sure that they are healthy. You should check their water parameters and test the quality of water before breeding them to ensure that there aren’t any abnormalities in the aquarium. If your fish have a disease or an infection already, then it will be difficult for them to give birth.

Good Diet

Female ember tetras need to have a good diet during pregnancy. They should eat high-quality food that is rich in nutrients so that they can give birth without any problems or difficulties.

You should also provide them with live food, but only after the labor process has been completed successfully so they don’t lose their strength and energy after giving birth.

Best food options are:

  1. Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets
  2. Nutrafin Max Tropical Fish Flakes
  3. Hikari Micro Wafers, and
  4. Tetra Cichlid Crisps

Separate From Males

If you want to keep your ember tetra pregnant, then it is important that you separate them from the males before they become impregnated.

Ember tetras are easy to breed in captivity because females can get easily pregnant if kept with a male fish for a long period of time.

Quarantine Sick Fish

If your female ember tetra is sick, then you should separate them from other fish for a certain period of time. You can put some decorations in the tank that block different spaces so that these fishes do not fight and disturb each other.

If you keep them in the same tank, then it will be difficult for them to give birth. Stresses caused by other fish can lead to many complications including the death of babies and mothers alike.


Do all ember tetra die after giving birth?

No, not all fish die after they give birth to their babies. Only a few do because it is difficult for them to deliver in small spaces or bad conditions.

Does Mother Ember Tetra Eat Their Baby?

No! It is a common misconception that fish eat their babies in the wild. Ember tetras do not eat their young and leave them for a certain period of time to take care of themselves alone.


In conclusion, if you want your ember tetra to survive after giving birth successfully, then follow these tips carefully. If you get pregnant fish from a professional breeder or someone with experience, then you won’t have to worry about any of these problems. Just make sure that your water conditions are perfect and follow the tips listed above or ask an expert for more information if necessary.

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