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How Many Neon Tetras in a 10-Gallon Tank

neon tetras in a 10-gallon tank

Many of you can relate to the desire to have an attractive home aquarium. You want beautiful, bright, and colorful fish. It can be quite confusing to choose a particular fish from over 85 million aquarium fish. If you are having the same problem, a simple and the best solution is to keep Neon Tetra … Read more

Best Tank Size For Keeping Neon Tetra

Ideal Tank Size for Neon Tetra

Neon tetras are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish today. Its vivid colors, active behavior, calm temperament, and hardy nature makes it one of the most favorite choices for beginners. But sometimes people consider keeping this fish in a small tank because of its small size. If you also have the confusion regarding … Read more