Ember Tetras Hiding: Why They Hide and How to Get Them Out?

Ember Tetras are a beautiful fish species that come from the Amazon River. They are often found in small groups and can be a great addition to any fish tank. However, they do not always show themselves. Unfortunately, many people have difficulties with them as they can be quite shy.

There are a few reasons why your ember tetras are hiding including sickness, predation, sleeping, stress/depression, or too strong current.

Regular tank maintenance, kind tank mates, and good food can help your Ember Tetras come out of their hiding place. In addition to this, keeping a proper ratio of males to females will also do great things for them and treat any diseases they have been diagnosed with.

In this blog post, we will go over how to get your Ember Tetras out of their hiding place and prevent them from going back into hiding again!

Possible Reasons Why Your Ember Tetras Is Hiding

There are various reasons why your Ember Tetras might be hiding.


Your Ember Tetras might be hiding if they are sick. They will probably not eat and may have white spots or red streaks on their body. Your sick Ember Tetras are more susceptible to getting diseases or parasites.


If your Ember Tetras feel threatened, they will hide in the closest place available. This could be somewhere around plants or behind rocks where predators cannot get them at that moment. They might stay there until their fear dissipates, which can take a while!

If other fish in your tank can eat Ember Tetras, you need to separate them into different tanks ASAP!

Shy And Timid Ember Tetras

Some Ember Tetras are just naturally shy. For example, you might have a few different types of fish in your tank that do not get along with the Ember Tetras, so they hide from them, scared for their lives!

Some Ember Tetra fish are naturally shy. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for them to be like this, but they will still need their tank mates to thrive long-term.

Ammonia Spike

An Ammonia spike can occur after a water change or when you add new water into your aquarium. Your Ember Tetras will hide in the rocks because they do not have enough oxygen.

An ammonia spike can cause you to lose all traces of your Ember Tetras. Your fish will be stressed out and sick if this happens, which can lead to them hiding more often than usual!

Keeping proper tank maintenance is the best way to prevent ammonia spikes from happening in your tank. Since they are so sensitive, it takes very little time for their water quality to go downhill, so you need to stay on top of your regular tank maintenance schedule!

Gravid With Eggs

Sometimes a female Ember Tetra can get gravid with eggs after being in the tank for about six months.

In most cases, they will lay their eggs behind rocks or on leaves where they feel safe and secure. However, if you want to breed your Ember Tetras, you must provide them with an extra cover!


You might notice your Ember Tetra sleeping more often than normal. This is normal, and they will return to their normal behavior once the stress has passed.

They become more active in the day when there is more sunlight to see where they are going and what fish might be chasing them around!   Thus, if you have a light that shines into your tank, then your Ember Tetras will stay out of their hiding place more often.

Stressed And Depressed Ember Tetras

If your Ember Tetra fish are stressed or depressed, then you might notice them staying in the corner of the tank for prolonged periods of time. You can help by adding some algae into their habitat to help feed them.

Current Is Too Strong

If there is a strong current in your aquarium, then it might be too difficult for the Ember Tetra fish to swim about. If you have an overstocked tank or use certain filters that create a lot of water flow, try relocating some plants and other decorations around the tank to reduce the current strength.

How Can You Help Your Ember Tetras To Come Out Of Their Hiding Place?

You must try your best to ensure that there are no predators in your aquarium, mainly if you have other fish in the tank with them.

Regular Tank Maintenance

You should perform regular tank maintenance, which will help to keep the water quality in check. This is also important because it can reduce stress levels among your Ember Tetras and make them more comfortable.

Kind Tank Mates

To ensure that your Ember Tetra doesn’t feel threatened or afraid of other tank mates, you should try to select fish species with similar temperaments. For example, if you have other peaceful fish in your tank, they must also be of similar temperament.

Good Food

You should make sure to provide your Ember Tetra with a diet rich in protein because this will help them grow. If you give them the right type of food regularly, then there is no reason why they will not come out of hiding.

Treat Diseases

It would help if you also tried to keep your Ember Tetras healthy by treating any diseases or illnesses affecting them. If you can effectively treat the disease, then it is likely that this will help encourage them to come out of their hiding place more often because they will feel more comfortable.

Keep Proper Ratio Of Males To Females

It is also important to keep the proper ratio of males to females in your tank so that you can reduce stress levels among Ember Tetras and make them less likely to hide. If there are too many male fish, they may fight each other for female attention, leading to stress.

Place Your Tank Wisely

It is also important to make sure that you place your tank in the right area of the house so that Ember Tetras are less likely to hide all day long. You should avoid putting it near loud noises or bright lights, which could lead them to hide even more often than they already are.

Is It Normal For Ember Tetras To Hide?

Yes, it is normal for Ember Tetras to hide when they feel threatened or scared. In fact, this is a natural defense mechanism that fish have to protect themselves from predators and other dangers in the wild.

Please make sure everything in their habitat is at the correct temperature and pH level. Also, make sure you feed them a varied diet of live food, frozen food, or pellets depending on your fish’s age and preference. If they continue to hide after these changes have been made, there may be something wrong with your fish.


I have answered a few questions that people have been asking me about Ember Tetras.

Do Ember Tetras Hang Out By The Heater?

No, Ember Tetras do not hang out by the heater unless something is wrong with the water parameters.

Do Ember Tetras Like To Live Alone?

No, these tetras get lonely and do better in groups of at least six to ten.

You can keep your Ember tetra in a species-only aquarium, and they will do fine on their own without tank mates. They enjoy living alone, and this is why it is best if there are no other fish in the tank with them.

They are far happier when they have other fish in their tank that can keep them company! So if you want your Ember Tetra to thrive, then make sure you always buy at least six of them for the best results.


In conclusion, Ember Tetras are very timid fish, and they like to hide most of the time. Therefore, if you introduce them into your tank, you should ensure that everything in their environment is perfect. This will help reduce stress levels among Ember tetras and encourage more interaction with their owner.

If you have any questions about Ember tetras, please ask me in the comment section below.

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