Ember Tetra: What You Need To Know Before Buying One

Ember Tetra is a type of fish that many people want to buy, but before they do, there are some facts about them that you need to know. First and foremost, these fish come from the Amazon River Basin in Peru.

Ember Tetra is beautiful freshwater fish that have been popular in the aquarium trade for quite some time. They originally come from South America, but they can now be found all over the world. These tetras don’t require any special food and will eat just about anything you give them. Ember Tetra can be kept with most other types of fish as well as snails or shrimp without any problems whatsoever!

In this blog post, we will answer your questions about Ember Tetras!

Where Are Ember Tetra From?

There are many other types of Ember Tetras besides the one that has been found in the Amazon River Basin.

Other types can be found in many different rivers throughout Central and South America, so these fish come from ponds, streams, lakes, marshes, and creeks. One type of Ember Tetra is called Black Ember Tetra, and the other common type is known as Emperor Tetra.

Ember Tetra Aren’t Fussy Eaters

Normally fish are not very fussy about what they will eat, but there are always exceptions to this rule. Some types of fish can be quite choosy when it comes to their food while others will try anything once!

Many people think that because Ember Tetra comes from South America, they must like things that grow in water such as plants or algae. This isn’t necessarily true. your tetras may actually prefer meats over vegetables due to their natural diet (daphnia).

You can make them eat the following:

As stated above, Ember Tetra doesn’t require any special foods before you buy them! It’s best if different types of food are given in small portions throughout the day rather than a single large meal. The fish should have at least three meals per day, and it may be best to feed them more often if they seem hungry!

Ember Tetra Are Not Livebearers

Many people who don’t know anything about fish might think that Ember Tetra is actually a livebearer because these two types of tetras look so similar. But this isn’t true.

Ember Tetra is not related whatsoever to any type of livebearing fish such as guppies or mollies. If you ever want to breed your own Ember Tetra, then you will need one male with several females for mating purposes only!

As long as there aren’t any other fish in the tank, then these tetras will be just fine without a mate.

Ember Tetra Do Well With Other Fish

If you do decide to get Ember Tetra and put them together with other species of fish, make sure that there is plenty of space for each one!

This means having at least ten gallons per gallon (or more) if your aquarium is 30 inches or longer. You can keep many different types of fish altogether as long as they aren’t fighting over territory. This includes small schooling fishes such as Danios and Rasboras to larger ones like goldfish and koi.

Do Ember Tetras Like Roommates?

It’s best not to house multiple males of the same species of fish together in an aquarium because they will fight over territory. Male Ember Tetra is especially aggressive towards other male fish, so it’s best to have at least one female for every male if you want them to coexist peacefully!

While females don’t seem to mind staying with males, this isn’t always true. Some can still get into fights with others just like their male counterparts. It is possible that these tetras will become more gregarious as they age and grow bigger since there won’t be any issues about territory anymore.

Ember Tetra Eat Their Babies

If you decide that breeding your own Ember Tetra sounds fun then here’s something else to think about: when a baby dies, the mother may eat them!

This is especially true if your Ember Tetra has just given birth to fry or babies recently, so it’s best not to put any other types of fish in their tank for at least two weeks. This will allow time for all of the new little ones to grow and develop before you introduce them into an aquarium with other types of fish.

Male Ember Tetra Are A Bit Of A Bully When It Comes To Food

When you are feeding your tetras, try putting out only enough food that they can finish within five minutes. Otherwise, they might fight over who gets what first. While most kinds of fish don’t like wasting any part of their meal (especially when there isn’t much!), male Ember Tetra is very aggressive when it comes to food.

If one of these fish sees another tetra getting more than their fair share, then you might have a problem on your hands! The first thing that they will do is intimidate the other so they can steal its food and resources before chasing them away completely.

Ember Tetras Have Short Lifespan

You should know beforehand that Ember Tetra only lives up to two years (on average) in an aquarium; this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still enjoy having them as long as possible though!

It’s important not to overfeed your tetras since obesity can be just as dangerous for them as starvation; if there is too much fat in their bodies then they won’t be able to swim properly.

Ember Tetra Are Great For Beginners

If you’re just starting out with fishkeeping, then Ember Tetra is a great choice for your first time because they are generally very easy to care for. These tetras only need simple necessities like clean water and good food in order to stay healthy long-term!

Ember Tetra Like Planted Aquarium

If you have a planted aquarium that is at least 30 inches long then Ember Tetra will be the perfect addition to your tank! You can know these fish for being very curious, so they like to swim around and explore their surroundings.

Are Ember Tetra Genetically Inclined To Any Diseases?

Ember Tetra is a hardy freshwater fish that doesn’t have any genetic predispositions to diseases. But you should still be aware of the signs in case your tetras start showing them off.

There are some common symptoms like lethargic behavior and clamped fins that might indicate anything from poor water quality to bacterial infections or a parasitic infestation.


Is Ember Tetra Smart?

They may not seem that much smarter compared to other fish, but the real answer is no. In fact, Ember Tetras haven’t even been considered as a very intelligent species of fish when it comes down to how well they can adapt and take care of themselves!

What makes them unique from others however is how fast they are at growing up; most tetras only grow half an inch per month while these ones double their size every two months or so. This means you will have a pretty big tank in just one year’s time if your aquarium is already empty right now!

Do Ember Tetras Die Easily?

Ember Tetras are not that fragile or sensitive to water conditions.

They can adapt easily in almost any aquarium, making them great for beginners who just want a fish that is easy to take care of. They’re also pretty hardy when it comes down to their health condition too since they have very few signs of disease and illness compared to other species!


Ember Tetras are a great choice for those who want to have an aquarium without much stress! They’re easy to keep as long as you know what kind of water they need, how big their tank can be, and even if other fish might not go well along with them.

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