Do Ember Tetra Clean The Tank?

Ember Tetra, a small schooling fish found in South America, is a popular freshwater aquarium fish. These brightly colored tetras have been kept in tanks for years and are often touted as tank cleaners because they will eat the algae that grow on the glass and decor. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. So do these beautiful little ember tetra clean our tank?

Yes, the ember tetras clean the tanks in the sense that they clear out algae from the tank. Ember tetras eat algae from the sides and the bottom of the tank. This helps the water to be clean and free of parasites. Moreover, it helps to maintain the water quality and keep the water nitrogen cycle flowing.

So, Do Ember Tetra Clean The Tank?

Yes, ember tetra can clean the tank. But it does not mean that you should rely on them entirely. You can use Ember Tetra to remove algae in your tank, but there are other ways as well. And some fish clean the tank even better than ember tetras do, so why would you prefer just one method?

In addition, some ember tetra information says that they like cleaning up any kind of waste and debris from their surroundings. But if this is true then how can we expect such a small creature to clear all the mess around for us? Wouldn’t it be great if our pets could take care of themselves without our help once in a while!

Why Shouldn’t You Depend On Ember Tetra?

You should not just depend on your ember tetra to do all the work. A cleaning tank is an essential part of the aquarist world. So, you should look over these issues before you think of such.

Lack Of Responsibility:

When we rely on our pets to do work, then it is also their responsibility. And if they fail at any point then we will be really disappointed with them and that’s not good for the relationship between you and your pet fish.

Over Dependency:

If you keep relying on Ember Tetra all the time, rather than some other methods of cleaning, then it might make ember tetras lazy as well. They won’t know how to clean properly without asking us or even thinking about doing something themselves!

Other Cleaner Fish:

There are several kinds of fish species that can easily take care of tanks by removing algae without making a mess as Ember Tetra does therefore why should we prefer just one method?

How Can You Clean an Ember Tetra Tank?

You can clean an ember tetra tank in several ways. They are:

Clear The Algae:

You can clear the algae from the Ember Tetra tank by using a net. And you also have to clean off any debris and waste as well because your ember tetras depend on water quality for their survival. So, if there is anything unclean in the tank then it may harm them or even worse lead to death!

Decorations Cleaning:

Many people like adding décor to their tanks which makes them look beautiful but sometimes these decorations grow algae on them too; that’s very common.

You need to remove this kind of decoration at least once every week or two according to how much they are growing algae and place it back inside after cleaning with hot soap water diluted with a detergent solution (don’t use too much).

When you place it back in the tank, make sure that it is dry enough before placing inside so water doesn’t go everywhere.

Gravel Cleaning:

You can clean gravel by removing all visible debris and waste because your fish depends on water quality for their survival. So if there are any unhygienic substances in the tank then they may harm your pets or even worse cause death!

Replace Water Every Week:

You should replace around half of the ember tetra’s aquarium water once every week to keep the toxic levels down and maintain the good health of Ember Tetras.

Use Dechlorinator:

Always remember to add dechlorinator while replacing dirty water with fresh tap because chlorine present in tap water can be harmful to the fish’s health.

Use Live Bacteria:

You can also use live bacteria while replacing dirty water with fresh tap because it will help you in maintaining the nitrogen cycle and keeping ammonia levels down. This process is very easy, just add a couple of drops after removing old water from the tank then fill the rest of the aquarium with clean tap water. Remember not to overdo this step!

Keep Plants And Gravel In The Tank:

For Ember Tetra tank, plants are decoration but they have other benefits too because they absorb nitrates naturally so if there are any unnecessary or unhygienic substances inside your tank then these plants may suck them out as well as provide support for Ember Tetras which makes their lives easier!

Check Water Chemistry:

You must always check your tank water chemistry to make sure that all the necessary conditions are being kept inside for Ember Tetras. If you see any issues in this regard then take appropriate measures as soon as possible because it can cause serious problems and harm fish.

Clean Exterior With Vinegar:

You need not actually clean greenery with vinegar, but if there is calcium build-up on the exterior of the ember tetra tank (usually happens when tap water has a higher level of chlorine) which looks really bad and dirty then use a cloth soaked in vinegar or warm water while scrubbing off these deposits gently.

Do not scratch too hard otherwise paint might come out. This process will help remove stains from the outside and make your tank look new again.

The best one is Lucy’s Family Owned – Natural Distilled White Vinegar, 1 Gallon (128 oz) – 5% Acidity.

Use Filter:

You need not use a filter if you are doing weekly water changes but it is always good to keep one inside ember tetra’s aquarium because they help in keeping the nasty particles like algae, dirt, and chemicals away from fish tanks which makes their lives easier!

Also, filters provide safety against diseases by preventing excess ammonia (this chemical directly comes from uneaten food) so Ember Tetras don’t have to face this issue often or at all thanks to these filters.

Can You Use Ember Tetra To Remove Algae In Your Tank?

Yes, Ember Tetra can remove algae in your tank. But the problem is that you should not depend on them entirely for this job. You can use ember tetras to clean up, but there are other options as well and some fish clean even better.

As we mentioned earlier that some people think using Ember Tetras can be a great way for cleaning the tank since they eat almost everything but this is not good for them because eating uneaten food can cause some serious health issues.

If You Think Only Ember Tetra Will Clean Your Tank Then It Is A Big NO:

Please don’t think that if you use ember tetras then they will clean your tank, even though it looks like a great idea to keep these little guys inside the aquarium and watch their magic of cleaning everything while moving around in the water!

But there are many reasons why using Ember Tetras for keeping algae or other dirty substances away from fish tanks isn’t really effective. First of all, they eat almost every kind of microalgae which may often include healthy green slime (which is very common) on plants’ leaves too so what’s the point of keeping them in the aquarium if they eat healthy substances too?

Second, Ember Tetras can’t always keep up with algae and other uneaten food because it takes a couple of days for them to get used to their new environment and start eating. So, by the time these fish start eating what you put inside the tank then there might be some serious issues like excess ammonia levels which is harmful to fish so this process won’t really work properly.

Some Fish Who Clean The Tank Better Than Ember Tetra Do

There are several types of fish species that can easily take care of tanks by removing algae without making a mess as ember tetras do, therefore why should we prefer just one method? For example, Siamese Algae Eaters (SAE), Bristlenose Plecos, and Otocinclus Catfish.

FAQs About Ember Tetra Fish

Is Ember Tetra Dirty?

Generally no, but sometimes they might get dirty due to the food that you feed them or if their surroundings have too much dirt then it is possible. You must keep changing the water regularly for this reason as well as clean all decorations from time to time etcetera.

What Do Embers Like In Their Tank? A lot!

They need plenty of room to swim around the aquarium so it’s better not overcrowd your fishbowl or vase with water since they’ll have nothing else to do other than starve for oxygen. Also, make sure that the temperature is somewhere between 68°F-72°F (20C-22C) because if goes lower then this may cause


When you think about keeping fish as pets, the first thing that comes to mind may be betta or goldfish. However, there are many other types of aquarium fish out there who can make great pets as well, and one of those types is ember tetras.

Ember tetras are a schooling fish species that come from the wilds of South America; their native range includes places like Brazil and Argentina. They were first introduced to the aquarium hobby in 1970, though they didn’t really become popular until much later on.

They help you clean the tank and keep your aquarium eye-catching and breathtaking as it is. You can rely on ember tetras to clean your tank but you should also keep in mind that these pets require a lot of care and attention from you as well.

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