Can Ember Tetra Fry Survive In The Main Tank?

Ember Tetra Fry is a popular fish for new aquarists to purchase, but many people have questions about how to care for them. In this article, we will answer some of the most common ones that we hear from our customers. Can Ember Tetra fry survive in the main tank?

Yes and no. If you keep your tank clean and feed your other fish well, then they should be able to coexist peacefully. However, if there is any competition over food or territory among your other fish (or if you don’t pay attention to these things), then it’s likely that all of the Ember Tetra Fry will eventually be eaten by larger predatory species like cichlids or catfish.

Can Ember Tetra Fry Survive In The Main Tank?

Ember Tetras are a popular fish for many tanks. They can be found in both fresh and saltwater environments, so they work well with the majority of setups.

But one question remains: Can Ember Tetra fry survive in the main tank? It turns out that this is not a good idea. Here we will talk about why keeping them in your main tank is just too much for these fragile little guys to handle!

Why Keeping Ember Tetra Fry In Main Tank Isn’t A Good Idea?

It is not a good idea to keep an ember tetra fry in the main tank because it is likely that they will become a meal for your other fish. In some cases, the larger fish may even attack and kill them as well.

Ember Tetra Eat Their Babies

Many people keep ember tetras in their aquariums because of how great these little guys look swimming through the water. They have long tails that are bright red, making them easy to spot. But your other fish may have something else in mind for these guys!

You can check what ember tetra fry eat though from here.

Small Ember Tetra Fry Can’t Compete With Big

Ember tetras are preyed upon by much other fish. Their small size makes them easy targets for larger species that might want to eat an extra dinner instead of just their own, especially in a smaller tank with fewer hiding places where the little guys can escape to.

Small Ember Tetra fry can’t compete with larger species. Even if they’re not eaten directly by their tankmates, juveniles Ember Tetra can’t compete with larger species. A large school of young Ember Tetras is likely to be picked off by a hungry cichlid or catfish looking for an easy meal, and even if they’re not eaten directly, the small fish will likely succumb to hunger as their tankmates eat all of the food before they have chance to eat.

Predators In The Tank

Other predators include the usual suspects of fish-eaters like cichlids and catfish, but also reptiles such as turtles or snakes that might wander into your aquarium looking for a meal!

Other predators in the tank can eat all of your baby fish. Also, small Ember Tetra Fry cannot compete with big. They will be preys for the bigger fish eventually anyway.

Will The Predators Eat All Ember Tetra Fry?

Unfortunately, young tetras are simply too small and too easy a target for predators to be kept with larger species in the same tank. If you want to keep an eye on your little guys (and we definitely recommend that you do) then it’s best to seclude them in a fry tank where they can grow up safely.

Not necessarily. However, if you don’t add new fish into your tank, then eventually larger predators will end up eating all of the Ember Tetra Fry. And if you add too many large fish to one small fish’s territory, it is likely that they’ll get stressed and may even kill each other (you should only put in three or four large fish per ten gallons).

Is It Necessary To Seclude The Ember Tetra Fry?

No. In most cases, it is not necessary to seclude them from their tank mates as long as you have a large enough aquarium and good water conditions. If you have other fish in the aquarium that is much larger than your Ember Tetra, then it may be necessary to seclude them.

Make sure they have enough space and give them extra protection by placing some plants around their secluded area.

When Should You Introduce Your Ember Tetra In Main Tank?

If you want to introduce your young fish into the main tank then I recommend that they be at least four inches long and not during a full moon (which can cause changes in their behavior).

You can introduce the baby fish into your main tank as soon as they are big enough to fend for themselves.

How Can You Protect Ember Tetra Fry From Predators In Main Tank?

You can protect baby fish from being eaten by larger predators by either adding lots of plants into the tank. You can also try feeding them micro-foods, like bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Provide Proper Space

If you want to keep your Ember Tetra fry safe, then make sure they have enough space.

Ember Tetras are small fish. Larger tank mates can easily bully them if there isn’t enough room for them.

Be Careful With Water Conditions

These fish fry are very sensitive to water conditions.

If your aquarium’s pH is too low or high, then you will cause stress to the fish. It becomes even more likely that other fish eat your fries in the tank.

Be Careful With Tank Mates

Since Ember tetras are schooling fish they do best when kept in groups of at least five.

If you plan on keeping them in a small group, then make sure to keep fish that will not bully the the fry of these fish. Their tank mates must be smaller than they are.

Offer Micro-Invertebrates As Food

If you have an established aquarium, then offer bloodworms or brine shrimp to your Ember Tetra fry as their food.

Also, feed them flake foods and small pellets made for egglaying fish. This will help them to be safe from other tank mates that might eat them.


Can Ember Tetra Fry Survive Without An Air Pump?

No, a young fry of ember tetra needs to have an air pump for them to breathe. They won’t survive without it.

What Does Ember Tetra Fry Eat?

Ember Tetras eat micro-foods like bloodworms and brine shrimp when they’re young. And then move on to larger food like flakes, pellets, and even small frozen foods such as brine shrimp or krill.


Ember Tetra Fry need to have an air pump in order for them to breathe. However, this is not necessary if you feed your baby fish micro-foods instead of large foods.

If all factors of adding an ember tetra into your aquarium are right and there is no danger or threat of the predators eating them, you can keep them together with other species. They may even school with any fish that is similar in size and temperament. Just make sure you add them to the tank at the same time.

You should always keep the fries in a nursing tank unless there is no other choice. This will be a safer option. If you cannot, you can always take safety measures like maintaining the water conditions, tank size etc.

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