Do Cardinal Tetras Eat Baby Cherry Shrimp? Diet Of Cardinal Tetras!!

Cardinal tetras are a popular and beautiful type of freshwater fish. You can keep them in an aquarium with many other types of non-aggressive species, including live plants and snails. Cardinal tetras originate from the Amazon Basin and prefer soft water that is slightly acidic to neutral (pH between six and seven). But do Cardinal tetras eat baby cherry shrimp?

Cardinal tetras eat both animals and plants. They mainly feed on insects in the wild but can survive from algae due to their omnivorous nature. Cardinal Tetras do not typically eat Cherry Shrimp or any other type of shrimp because many fish species do not recognize them as potential prey.

In this post, we will talk about the diet of Cardinal tetras and whether or not Cardinal tetras eat bay cherry shrimp.

Diet Of Cardinal Tetras

Cardinal tetras are omnivores, meaning that they eat both plants and animals. They typically feed on invertebrates in the wild. However, many fish-keepers find it easier to purchase high-quality flake food for their cardinal tetra instead of keeping live foods like brine shrimp or mosquito larvae alive in an aquarium.

Cardinal tetras are also opportunistic feeders, meaning that they will eat whatever is available to them at the time. Some of the food options for Cardinal tetras are:

Protein Source

Some of the protein sources for Cardinal tetras are:

  • Bloodworms
  • Brine shrimp
  • Mosquito larvae
  • Earthworms
  • Frozen daphnia (water fleas)
  • Crustacean meat such as shrimp or krill.

Vegetable Source

The veggies that you can include in Cardinal tetras’ diet are:

  • Seaweed sheets and flakes – Spirulina based, dried kelp can be a very nutritious replacement for invertebrates in a Cardinal tetra’s diet
  • Flake food
  • Frozen green peas, blanched spinach, or other vegetables

One should avoid giving cardinal tetras foods with high-fat levels, such as beef heart and liver.

How Often Should I Feed Cardinal Tetras?

Cardinal Tetras eat a lot. Therefore, you should feed cardinal tetra fish at least twice per day, and it is best to provide them multiple small meals throughout the day rather than one or two large ones. This will keep these fish happier and healthier while also encouraging their natural swimming behavior.

Cardinal Tetras graze for most of the day and will eat a lot of food if it is available. These fish will eat all types of fish flakes, pellets, and other food meant for community tropical fish. They are omnivore fish that also enjoy consuming algae wafers.

It would be best to feed Cardinal tetra with a varied diet to keep them healthy and avoid malnutrition or deficiencies.

Do Cardinal Tetras Eat Baby Cherry Shrimp?

Cardinal tetras are beautiful tropical fish, but they can be very aggressive in their food. Although many people ask if Cardinal Tetras eat Baby Cherry Shrimp, the answer is no.

Cardinal tetras will eat anything that fits in their mouths, and shrimp would not work inside them. They will eat anything that falls to the bottom of their tank that they can fit in their mouths.

Cardinal Tetra owners often notice them eating small fish flakes, insect larvae, and pieces of sinking pellets too big for them to swallow whole.

Aquarists also often come across baby cherry shrimp in an aquarium where Cardinal Tetras live. Cardinal Tetras will eat anything that fits in their mouths. So if they see baby shrimp on the bottom of the tank or at feeding time, Cardinal tetras may try to catch them before they can get away.

What Are The Benefits of Eating Baby Cherry Shrimp?

When you have Cardinal Tetras, it becomes important to know what they eat. While there are many foods that Cardinal tetras enjoy, one of their most common food sources is baby cherry shrimp. Baby Cherry Shrimp provides various nutrients and vitamins that the Cardinal tetras need to survive, such as proteins and antioxidants.

Some of the benefits of eating baby cherry shrimp are:

  • Provides Cardinal Tetras with proteins
  • It helps Cardinal tetras live a longer, healthier life
  • Supplies Cardinal Tetras with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Offers Cardinal Tetras nutrients that promote growth

What Are The Foods That I Should Never Feed Cardinal Tetras?

Cardinal Tetras are freshwater fish that eat algae and meat. Their care requires you to know what foods you should never feed your fish because they can quickly become sick or even die from poor nutrition.

However, some of the foods are very harmful to Cardinal tetras. Such as:

Foods That Contain Garlic

Cardinal Tetras do not like the water with a strong scent of garlic. It can be very harmful to them because it will irritate their gills and cause them breathing problems or infections from entering their bloodstream.

Foods With Chemicals, Preservatives, Colorants, etc

Cardinal tetra care also requires knowing that you should never feed foods because they can quickly become sick or die from poor nutrition. They are freshwater fish that eat algae and meat.

Foods With High Sugar Content

Cardinal tetra care will require you to feed them a low-sugar diet of about 14%  maximum. This is because they are freshwater fish that eat algae and meat. So, they won’t need extra sugar in their diet.

Foods With High-Protein Content

Cardinal Tetras are freshwater fish that eat algae and meat. Their care requires you to know what you should never feed them because they can quickly become sick or even die from poor nutrition. Usually, these fish need low protein of about 10% max in their diet. Cardinal Tetras are freshwater fish that eat algae and meat.

How Many Baby Cherry Shrimp Can Cardinal Tetras Eat?

Cardinal tetras are small, peaceful fish that you can keep in groups of five or more. Due to this fact, Cardinal Tetras will mainly not harm baby cherry shrimp unless you put them together in an overcrowded tank.

As long as there is no over-stocking and Cardinal Tetras do not have other aggressive tank mates, Cardinal Tetras can be great tank mates. Cardinal tetras eat mosquito larvae. So it will help if you have a separate aquarium or container for your baby cherry shrimp until they grow larger.

Cardinal Tetra Fish are not picky about where their food comes from and may consider the young Cherry Shrimp as just another type of food. However, these fish typically do not eat adult Cherry Shrimp. So if you want to keep them together once the shrimp grow more extensive than an inch, it will be okay as long Cardinal Tetras do not have any other tank mates that would harm your baby cherry shrimp.

How Often Should You Feed Baby Cherry Shrimp To Cardinal Tetras?

Cardinal Tetras usually do not eat baby shrimp for their first few weeks of life. After that, they can grow up to three inches in length, but they will only eat the baby cherry shrimp when bigger than one inch long.

You can feed baby cherry shrimp to Cardinal tetras at least twice a day. Cardinal Tetras eat other types of food like algae wafers and shrimp pellets. So, Cardinal Tetras eat baby cherry shrimp when they are more significant than one inch long.

Things To Consider While Feeding Baby Cherry Shrimp To Cardinal Tetras:

Some of the things to consider while feeding baby cherry shrimp to Cardinal tetras are:

  • Cardinal tetras may eat the baby cherry shrimp if they are in large enough numbers
  • They will not attack larger fish. But there is no guarantee. 
  • Baby cherry shrimp must be a variety of a Cardinal tetra’s diet. Otherwise, it will not receive the nutrients that it needs.
  • Cardinal tetras must be healthy and free from parasites or diseases to eat baby cherry shrimp. For this, it is best t quarantine new fish for 30 days before adding them to your tank with other Cardinal tetras.
  • Be careful when netting Cardinal tetras, as they may eat the baby cherry shrimp before you can place them in your tank.
  • Create a feeding station with places for Cardinal tetras to hide and feel safe while eating their prey. This will help prevent Cardinal tetras from attacking the baby Cherry shrimp out of fear or aggression.


Do Cardinal Tetras Eat Bacteria In Baby Cherry Shrimp Tank?

No. Cardinal tetras do not eat bacteria in your shrimp tank. Instead, Cardinal tetras are small, peaceful fish that you can keep with baby cherry shrimp and many other invertebrates.

Is Baby Cherry Shrimp Good For Cardinal Tetras?

Yes, baby cherry shrimp is good for Cardinal tetras. You can keep Cardinal tetras and baby cherry shrimps together in your aquarium without any problems because both fish are peaceful towards one another.

Are Cardinal Tetras Predators?

No, Cardinal tetras are not predators at all. If you want to add more small invertebrates to your aquarium, Cardinal tetras are a great option because they will not eat them.

How Many Cardinal Tetras Can I Keep In Baby Cherry Shrimp Tank?

You can keep up to five Cardinal tetras in your shrimp tank at one time without any problems. They do well with many other invertebrates, including baby cherry shrimp and ghost shrimps.

How Big Of A Tank Do Cardinal Tetras Need?

Cardinal tetras do not need a lot of space in your tank, and they will survive even if you keep them in smaller tanks such as ten gallons for their entire life. However, these fish only grow to be around three inches long, which means that the minimum size of the tank for these fish must be about 25-30 gallons.


In conclusion, Cardinal Tetras do not eat baby shrimp. They can be pretty territorial and may even attack the little creatures, but they usually leave them alone. Cardinal tetras are lovely fish to keep as pets because of their bright colors and dynamic behaviors.

Cardinal Tetras can make great pets for any aquarium. However, if you are looking into Cardinal tetras, please do your research on how to take care of them properly in an aquarium tank before deciding if they are the right fish for you!

Thank you for reading this blog post.

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