Can Black Skirt Tetra Live With Other Livebearers

Black Skirt Tetra is a peaceful fish that can be kept with other livebearers. They are a great addition to any community aquarium and will thrive in a tank of at least 5 gallons. The water parameters for Black Skirt Tetras should be similar to those of other livebearers, so you do not need to change them when adding this species to your aquatic ecosystem. Can Black Skirt Tetra Live With Other Livebearers?

Black Skirt Tetras are egg layers, so setting up a spawning-only tank with plants and hiding spots is essential. Male Black Skirt Tetras should be kept in the ratio of one male to two or three females for best breeding results. Their diet consists of meaty foods like bloodworms, brine shrimp, krill, and more.

Is It True That Black Skirt Tetra Cannot Live With Other Livebearers?

Yes, it is true that black skirt tetra cannot live with other livebearers. Black skirt tetras are egg layers. Thus, setting up a tank with livebearers can cause problems in the tank.

Why Keeping Black Skirt Tetra With Other Livebearers Is A Good Idea?

Adding Black Skirt Tetras to an aquarium with other livebearers can be a good idea for several reasons.

First, Black Skirts are peaceful fish and will not compete with the other livebearers for food. Second, Black Skirt Tetras are great scavengers that will help keep your tank clean of uneaten pieces of food and algae growing on the glass or decorations in their natural habitat.

Setting Up Spawning Only Tank

You can get up a tank that has only egg layers in it with live plants and hiding spots. Black Skirt Tetras are egg layers, so setting up a spawning-only tank with plants and hiding spots is essential.

Male To Female Ratio

You need to keep male black skirt tetra in the ratio of one male to two or three females for best breeding results. The males will clean off areas on rocks where they can build their nests called bubble nests before mating starts which happens after courtship behavior has been observed by them.

Water Parameters

After this, you should start seeing eggs being deposited all over the place around your aquarium within a few days’ time period only if everything goes right.

This includes water parameters as well as the quality of food that you provide during the incubation process. This situation applies just like other fish species such as molly fish that are egg layers as well.

Water temperature 60°F-80°F
pH level 6.8 – 7.0
Water hardness (kH) level 4.0 – 8.0

Feeding Livebearers

Live food will always be a good option for them to consume because they have an upper jaw structure that is different from other species of tetra out there in the world which makes it possible for them to feed on live foods only.

So you might need to find some bloodworms or brine shrimp if your main goal here was just this aspect alone. Without any issues at all whatsoever along those lines since those can work really fast and efficiently as well when it comes down to matters such as these.

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Keep Live Plants In The Tank With Black Skirt Tetras

Keeping live plants within the tank with black skirt tetras would not prove difficult either but do make sure you get the right plants because there are some species out there that can be really difficult to take care of when it comes down to this factor alone.

Hiding Spots Are A Must For Black Skirts?

Yes, hiding spots are a must for black skirt tetras in order for them to feel comfortable with their surroundings since they tend to swim around all day long whenever you see them but not during nighttime time only.

It is why keeping hiding spots within your tank would help things run more smoothly without any issues at all whatsoever along those lines either.

Maintain The Tank

You need to maintain the tank by doing water changes on a weekly basis and also vacuuming the substrate thoroughly. Moreover, this is something that all aquarists should do, not just those with livebearers in their tanks.

Can Different Egg Layers Reproduce With Each Other?

No, different species of livebearers will not be able to reproduce with each other because they are egg layers. This is why you need to make sure that the black skirt tetras are kept in a tank by themselves if your main goal here was just this aspect alone.

Can You Keep Black Skirt Tetra With Fish Other Than Livebearers?

Yes, it would be possible for them to do well alongside fish other than livebearers as long as those fish were peaceful ones only since otherwise there could be some problems along those lines which is something else entirely altogether so keep things simple and easy instead.

How Many Livearer Fish Are There In A Tank?

You can typically keep around 20 livebearer fish in a tank that is 55 gallons or larger without any issues whatsoever.

This number could change depending on the species of livebearer that you decide to go with. But it is definitely something worth keeping in mind for those who are looking into this type of aquarium setup.


Do Livebearers Fish Lay Eggs?

Yes, female livebearers will lay eggs within your tank and they need to be removed if you do not want them to hatch. You can also breed livebearers by removing the male from the equation once spawning has occurred and placing him back into the main tank later on.

The eggs will hatch within two to three days and the fry will be ready to eat after another week or so.

Do Livebearer Fish Eat Their Babies?

Some livebearer fish do eat their babies, but most of them don’t. However, you should still watch your fry carefully to make sure none of them get eaten. If any do get eaten you can try raising replacements from the eggs.


Adding black skirt tetras to a tank with livebearers can be a great way to add some color and movement to the aquarium.

However, you should make sure that the black skirts are kept in a spawning-only tank. Furthermore, they will not be able to reproduce with other species of livebearer. You can keep fish other than livebearers in the tank with the black skirts. But make sure they are peaceful ones.

There is no need to worry about removing the eggs once they have been laid. This is because female livebearers will continue laying eggs until they are removed from the tank. Most livebearer fry will survive if you do not remove them from the main tank. But you should still watch them carefully just in case.

Livebearers are a great fish for beginners because they can tolerate slightly warmer water.

Also, be sure to describe any important topics in detail so readers will not feel like anything was left out at all. You do not need specific bullet points here; just simple sentences without numbers inside them instead if possible please as well!

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